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The Covid “vaccine” Is an Intentional Effort at World Genocide

Paul Craig Roberts

Never before have there been massive excess deaths following vaccination.  

Never before have there been children, young adults, athletes in their prime, entertainers, dropping dead “cause unknown” following vaccination.

Of course, the cause is known.  The leading doctors and medical scientists of our time–which excludes health agency bureaucrats, such as Fauci, who serve as marketing agents for Big Pharma and corrupt, politicized state medical boards and HMOs–have explained why and how the mRNA “vaccines,” which are not vaccines, kill, destroy the immune system, and cause health injuries.  What is not known is why some die immediately after receiving the deadly substance, others a month later, and others remain, so far, alive.  Some researchers think the content of the “vaccines” differed by lot, and some think some of the jabs were placebos for the purpose of producing an uninjured cadre to tout the safety of the jabs.  

Professor Michel Chossudovsky has collected here — https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-covid-killer-vaccine-people-are-dying-all-over-the-world-its-a-criminal-undertaking/5800358 — a number of videos documenting the widespread sufferings and deaths of the vaccinated.  It is not the unvaccinated who are “mysteriously” dropping dead all over the world.  It is the vaccinated.  

Yet the coverup continues.  The western media–a collection of whores–are at work covering up for themselves as well as for Fauci, Biden, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the FDA, NIH, CDC, and the utterly corrupt and irresponsible medical profession.  Big Pharma and the FDA continue to push jabbing babies with the killer vaccine, and there are still parents so utterly stupid and insouciant that they participate in the murder of their own children.

With people all over the world so stupid and so blindly trusting of authority, we can see why the Satanic Bill Gates and Satanic Klaus Schwab are confident that they can succeed in reducing the world population and effecting their Great Reset.

What do I mean when I say Gates and Schwab are Satanic? Think about it this way.  From time to time when discussing the subject, someone will say that people can be so awful they can understand why some would want to genocide them.  I ask them if they would be willing to push the genocide button, and they say “no.”  They understand that they have no right to cause people’s deaths in behalf of  their opinion or a climate or ideological agenda.  The difference between them and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab is that Gates and Schwab are willing and eager to push the genocide button.   What is so horrifying is that this willingness has acquired a high moral position. Exterminating people has become the way to save the planet.

The perpetrators of this mass murder are confident that their crime is too huge to be recognized as such.  Naive populations simply won’t believe that “their” governments would do this to them.  No one wants to admit that they executed their own family members and their own children by blindly trusting “authorities” who had announced their genocide agenda in advance. 

In the United States only a tiny percentage of the  people have any idea what is happening. The time and energy of the population is used up in making ends meet and in entertaining themselves.  They fall for one transparent crime after another.  Whatever government announces they accept–President John Kennedy’s assassination, Senator Robert Kennedy’s assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Covid pandemic, “safe and effective” Covid vaccine.  They never learn.  

Now they face genocide, and they still haven’t learned. 

The perpetrators of mass genocide are still in control.

If it is not genocide, tell me what it is when distinguished medical scientists warm in advance about the mRNA “vaccine” and are censored and punished, when the inventor of the PCR “Covid test” states that the test does not indicate the presence of the virus and is ignored, when the evidence of the harmful effects of the “vaccine” are kept secret by Pfizer and the FDA, when medical doctors are prevented from treating Covid with known cures Ivermectin and HCQ,  when pharmacies refuse to fill doctors’ prescriptions for the cures, when illegal and unconstitutional mandates are used to force citizens under threat of loss of job to submit to being injected,  when no official attention is paid to the massive increase in excess deaths among the vaccinated, when the media carries on a deceptive campaign of lies and propaganda?

Americans–indeed the world–are faced with a monstrous criminal enterprise.  Do they have the strength and intelligence to recognize it?  Are they going to do anything about it?

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