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Executive summary

The single VAERS category with the most elevated events in the COVID vaccines has always been women’s reproductive issues.

In this article, we show that vaccines in the past which caused significantly lower adverse events were stopped.

Why aren’t the COVID vaccines stopped? It’s because the CDC doesn’t disclose the safety issues to the public.

Could there be another source of these effects? No, because they are correlated to the vaccination (read the case reports).

Women will be furious when they eventually learn the truth about what the medical community and CDC have done to them.

Unfortunately, I think this will take many years.


On June 10, 2021, Robert Malone and I were featured on the DarkHorse podcast. We pointed out to the world that the COVID vaccines accumulate in the ovaries (technically, it is the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) which is the carrier for the mRNA but that’s a detail). YouTube removed the episode after 1M views, presumably in order to protect the public from learning the truth. Their nameless censors are smarter than Bret Weinstein of course.

The implications of our warning were clearly evident in the VAERS reports at the time.

Here we are more than a year after that episode and it’s still happening. Here is the latest data for miscarriages and stillbirths from the new page on reproductive health issues on OpenVAERS:

Here is the data for menstrual disorders (including menstrual bleeding, vaginal and uterine hemorrhages):

There are three important things to keep in mind here:

  1. When the top graph was slightly elevated in the past, the vaccines responsible for the increase were pulled from the market (see the OpenVAERS page and look for the ** note). However, as you can clearly see, the COVID vaccines are much worse but they are untouchable. The adverse event rates are sky high in comparison to previous vaccines and nobody is going to say anything. Any physician who shows this data to women will be fired and, if they are in California, also lose their license. Their motto with respect to the COVID vaccines is “See something? Say nothing!”

  2. For each graph, you’ll want to scale the # of reports by at least a factor of 41 to estimate the true number of events. This is due to the underreporting factor in VAERS (the URF). In other words, we are talking about millions of women who are affected.

  3. The large sudden increase in the number of reports posted after the COVID vaccines rolled out is not due to overreporting as I noted in a previous post. In fact, the COVID vaccines appear to be underreported by a factor of 5.4X relative to other vaccines. So the reality in terms of the difference between the COVID vaccines vs. other vaccines is 5X worse than shown above. In any normal world, these vaccines would be pulled from the market.

It’s a real shame that the CDC isn’t saying anything about these graphs, isn’t it? The CDC is completely silent. The mainstream media is keeping quiet about it too, choosing to completely ignore the issue.

When women find out that they’ve been misled like this, they will not be happy. However, thanks to the censorship and the lack of coverage by the mainstream media, most women are never going to find out for years, maybe decades.

But I wanted all my readers to know the truth now.

More information about these rates (and how other vaccines were pulled when they caused a fraction of these events) can be found on the newly updated OpenVAERS page on reproductive health.

VAERS symptoms (line items)

This is one of the slides in a recent presentation I made at the FLCCC conference showing VAERS symptoms that are elevated for the COVID vaccines vs. other vaccines. The slide shows the top 37 VAERS symptoms that are most elevated by the COVID vaccines. As you can see from all the arrows, the COVID vaccines are a disaster in terms of interfering with a woman’s reproductive health. For the complete list of symptoms in ranked order, see the X-factor analysis.

Menstrual problems were the top category found by the Israeli Ministry of Health when they studied the safety of the COVID vaccines

Watch this short leaked video that the public was never supposed to see. This is from a meeting between the Israeli Ministry of Health and the scientific team they tasked with looking at the safety data.

What they found is this:

The effects on women’s health are clear, they are caused by the vaccine, and they are long lasting.

For more information on this data, see my story about the Israeli safety study and look at the references section of that article. This article is very good as well.

Naturally, the Israeli press and mainstream media all over the world refused to cover the story even though Reuters fact checkers verified the video was authentic!

The bottom line is that the Israeli Ministry of Health safety team found lots of safety problems with the vaccines but the press and none of the public authorities want to see what they found (for some reason).

Doctors are noticing this

But few are willing to speak out. Here’s one doctor who did speak out:

More in the press

See this article: Study Shows the Dangers the Covid Vaccine Has on Women's Health. Even the NIH is acknowledging there is a problem.

Mechanisms of harm

See this presentation by toxicologist Dr. Janci Lindsay for how the COVID vaccines can harm women.


There are thousands of significantly elevated adverse events in VAERS and the CDC has ignored them all. This is because the CDC is rewarded on the number of vaccines administered and not on how many lives are saved.

For example, did you know that “acute cardiac failure” is elevated in the COVID vaccines by 2,565X normal. Does that sound safe to you?

This article just covers just some of the reproductive health symptoms. shows the data showing causality, and shows that in a normal world, the vaccines would be halted for these issues alone.

But this isn’t a normal world. For example, the UK just announced a new program to encourage all pregnant women to get the jab. They are clearly ignoring all the safety signals as well.

Why even bother to have a safety monitoring system if you aren’t willing to look at it?

Nobody should take the COVID vaccines. They should be withdrawn from the market. Immediately.


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