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Bret Weinstein of the DarkHorse podcast was on the Joe Rogan show (#1919 at 1h46’) for a fascinating discussion last week. Interestingly enough, they dove into accidental intravascular injection and our very own Bolus Theory.

Joe Rogan: “If someone gets injected into the deltoid are there times when it does stay in the deltoid? and is this because of where it's injected in the deltoid? Is it possible that it gets injected and punctures a vein or an artery and that's how it gets into the entire body? and that's why it only happens in some cases?

Even if most particles end up trickling down to the vascular system, Joe is spot on Naturally, Bret Weinstein goes on to discuss Dr. John Campbell and explains eloquently the aspiration technique.

Bret Weinstein: “He's (John Campbell) been for a long time pointing out that there's an obvious thing known from medicine which is that when you inject somebody that you pull back on the plunger of the syringe and if you see blood you go further in before you inject. And the reason for that is because you don't want to inject anything into a blood vessel.”

In all fairness, many others have also highlighted this dangerous discrepancy in the injection protocol early on: Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Pr. Burkhardt…along with yours truly.

Quite rightly, Joe Rogan observes that aspiration wasn’t utilised when Joe Biden was injected. And Bret to add:

Bret Weinstein:It's been recommended that you don't do it and the argument was - as I understand it, as crazy as this sounds - that the fact that it leaves the needle in a little longer and it might cause a little extra pain is going to result in more vaccine hesitancy. Right. As if injecting things that are supposed to go into the muscle, but then end up in the bloodstream and then cause Adverse Events, isn't going to cause vaccine hesitancy!”

and Bret goes on:

I will point out hat it is not only John Campbell on this, but there's another guy who I've recently started reading a guy named - I think it's - Marc Girardot and he's been advancing something that he calls Bolus Theory - I would call it hypothesis - but in any case his point is that a lot of Adverse Events having nothing to do with this particular vaccine, but in general have to do with those - that fraction of cases -in which somebody gets a huge dose, a bolus that flows through their circulatory system for something that was designed to leak out slowly through the lymph so anyway I would encourage people to look him up and check out his take on the COVID vaccines.”

Pretty good description, frankly. I have yet to talk to Bret, and tell him more details, so I understand his stance “I would call it an hypothesis”. And I am very grateful to both Bret and Joe Rogan for addressing this issue I have been advocating for quite some time.

I would like to add to the discussion three fundamental points that validate the hypothesis, and make The Cytotoxic Bolus Theory a theory :

  1. Accidental intravascular injections in a hospital setting are real, material and proven by several studies12 as shown in one of my latest articles “Another one bites the dust”, even with aspiration. Aspirating isn’t enough.

    (2 of 3)
  2. Injecting these vaccines intravascularly causes similar adverse effects to the ones in pharmaco-vigilance databases. Several experiments on mice345 - even without a Bolus - have demonstrated that very clearly.

  3. Finally, a Bolus would only make it much worse, because there’s an enormous difference in concentrations - very short lived - between an intramuscular injection trickling slowly in to the blood stream and a direct IV injection. Most people don’t realize that. The probability of vaccine uptake by the endothelial wall can be as high as 4,000 times higher.

Say the direct IV injection of a dose of Pfizer is diluted by 30 by the time it gets to the aorta, you’d have around 10,000 lipid nanoparticles hitting each square millimeter of endothelium6 during the very brief passage of the bolus. Let’s imagine 10% of these vaccine particles penetrate a cell when they hit it7, that means that up to a 1,000 cells will end up destroyed by the immune system, that’s more than 100% of the cells in that area! Likely irreparable, similar to a third degree burn.
In the case of a proper intramuscular injection, the maximum concentration would be 25 lipid nanoparticles presenting themselves to the same 1 sq.mm. of endothelial surface. Only 3 would be uptaken, or less 0.4% of the surface would end up destroyed. Those 3 cell gaps would be fixed within minutes of the immune attack. And life would go on.

This brief physical phenomenon, similar to an avalanche crashing through your vascular system, is in my opinion the cause of all the Adverse Effects we have witnessed these past 2 years, and that have occurred for decades…

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“Complications of injectable testosterone undecanoate in routine clinical practice” by T.Middleton et al


“Andrology: Tolerability of intramuscular injections of testosterone ester in oil vehicle” by Mary-Anne Mackey


“Intravenous Injection of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) mRNA Vaccine Can Induce Acute Myopericarditis in Mouse Model” by Can Li et al


“Thrombocytopenia and splenic platelet-directed immune responses after IV ChAdOx1 nCov-19 administration” by Leo Nicolai


“Induction of Shock After Intravenous Injection of Adenovirus Vectors: A Critical Role for Platelet-activating Factor” by Zhili Xu


If the 3D concentration is divided by 30, the surface concentration is roughly divided by 10 ( 30^(2/3) )


Given that these cells touching the blood vessel walls represent between 0.1% (arteries) and 0.5% (capillaries) , that would mean that only 0.01% and 0.05% would transfect at any given moment in the blood stream, that’s likely a reasonable scenario before being shedded, stored and destroyed.

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