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Truck Fudeau!

I want each of the Dirty Dozen prosecuted legally and properly using all the rights conferred on both sides in a good governance society. You Dirty Dozen helped kill our parents and grand-parents, you filthy animals! With your lies and deceit and misinformation and deadly policies, your lockdown lunacy! Our loved ones died because you denied safe and effective and cheap early treatment (Zelenko, McCullough, Kory, Marik, Fareed, Tyson, Ladapo et al. treatment algorithms), you doctors refused to care for your patients using safe and effective early treatments and you caused deaths of so many. Hundreds of thousands in the US alone. How could you doctors do this? Was it money you got? How could you partake in the denial of early treatments and the lies about inferior natural immunity and push this fraud COVID gene injection? How? You doctors and clinicians must be investigated too.

You must be held to account, you doctors and hospital CEOs in Canada, USA etc. for your COVID madness with your use of the fraud flawed over-cycled, overly sensitive RT-PCR process (it is not a diagnostic test) with the 95% false positives, to isolate our loved ones in the hospital (knowing they were likely not positive for COVID), sedating her and him with midazolam and diamorphine, driving them to dehydration, malnourishment, bacterial pneumonia build up, pumping them with deadly liver and kidney toxic Remdesivir that you knew did not work and was deadly, refusing to treat them for sepsis when there is and was effective Marik protocols, and then intubating and ventilating when you did not know what you were doing and 95% on the ventilator died! You doctors and hospitals killed most of our elderly and loved ones with your ineptness and greed for COVID death money. You criminals! Forcing an ineffective, untested, unsafe, deadly COVID gene injection ‘kill shot bioweapon’.

5th generation warfare (military-grade) being played for our minds

Firstly, you have to know that the government and deepstate, the health agencies, the malfeasants around us, the ‘unseen hand’, that played a role in this fraud pandemic and entire failed lockdown lunatic response, with this fraud failed ineffective and deadly gene injection mRNA or DNA therapy, are using military-grade 5th (fifth) generation warfare on us, near military level, in a battle for hearts and souls, yet critically so, for our minds. They want our minds and to break us, to break us down, to succumb to their malfeasance. It is a battle for our minds (5GW), that of the malleable minds of our children and young persons, played at the highest level by the IT, media, and governments. By sick, dark twisted power-hungry, deadly peoples. The ‘unseen hand’.

We punish these beasts by using it back on them, we play 5GW with them, we use 2023 to wage serious 5GW on them, using our technical skills, our own minds, our drive, our capacity, our intelligence etc. to outsmart them and outwit them. With real data and science and evidence explained properly to the public. We stand up for the public. Remember, these government and alphabet health agency peoples and malfeasants are really very stupid, inept and corruptible people, irrational and non-sensical, unscientific people. Belonging in the depths of hell.

Lock them up and hang them high!

This dirty dozen. We start with this dirty dozen, for 2023, make this the resolution, that this dirty dozen sit in a courtroom not with any gamesmanship, but with real investigations and judicial process. Only after lawful judicial proceedings.

The Wellness Company

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Hang them high! Rapidly! Take every penny, clean them out!

You filthy animals!

So you want to play 5th generation warfare on us, ok, we are up to the task. We will take you to 6th generation. You low-life malfeasants think you got game? You never understood the power of the people then!

The sense of powerlessness, vulnerability, helplessness, hopelessness we felt, that they caused. In many instances with malice, with no care for our human suffering. They MUST pay!

No amnesty!

I mean people in Trump administration and Biden’s, I mean anyone who have played a role in having our police and military and precious peoples walking around vaccine injured with a possible death sentence over them, their very own sword of Damocles.

I mean you too Hotez and you too Wen, you must be properly investigated, I mean you too Sanjay Gupta of CNN, you too Marc Siegal of FOX, all of you, all of you lunatics, you imbeciles who knowingly worked to mislead and deceive. You could not be that stupid and moronic. There was and is some level of malfeasance in you. Has to be. Your illogical and unscientific actions and policies ripped families apart, destroyed homes, marriages, pitted brother against brother, parent against child, you beasts. WE could not bury our dead! You filthy animals!

You with your medical tyranny/global socialism, radicalism, communism.

You people, you with your big titles and podium, you in the health agencies who made policies, in academia with your corrupted research, knew all you said and did, all your COVID policies had zero, none, nothing, no scientific basis. Were specious. No data to support it yet you did it. You were drunk on power and lunacy and IMO, malfeasance. We need to investigate why.

I want anyone who caused deaths, whose actions are shown to have directly caused deaths in the COVID response (only after proper legal inquiry and judges rule that they caused deaths and sentences as such) and done so recklessly and dangerously, I want them accountable to the maximum including capital punishment.

This COVID-19 is very different. These people caused human suffering on a massive scale and with no care, just malice. It is not just ineptness and incompetence and there is lots of that to spread around.

These people made policies and actions under the threat of law, with scorn on us and malice, moving to at each turn cause our isolation and misery, with illogical and irrational specious and unsound decisions and ex cathedra diktats, encouraging the ridicule of us who questioned and those of us who said no, that we wanted to make our own decisions. Tacitly set upon us their own societal brown and red shirts. Ostracizing us, segregating us. Like the moronic idiotic dangerous Prime Minister of Canada. Forced mandated vaccine of the police and military and has many, thousands vaccine injured with risk of future death. Ensured and mandated we were fired, removed from their ‘polite society’, decertified, licenses to practice medicine stripped. Imposed mandated COVID gene injections under threat of law including loss of income, knowing the gene injection was ineffective and unsafe.

They did not care so we must not care. We pray for their souls, we must. Yet we must ensure justice and accountability in proper legal forums (only after lawful judicial proceedings) and let good governance and rule of law rule. Millions have died due to the lockdown lunacy and the fraud toxic mRNA/DNA spike protein injections. Including at the hands of their failed medicines.

Nothing they did to us worked and all we have to show is destroyed economies, social fracturing, emotional destruction especially of our children and young, and deaths. Nothing else. These malfeasants enriched themselves and their friends. Billionaires were created and trillions in wealth moved from the poorer, least able to afford to shield and cope, to the already wealthy. We shifted the burden of morbidity and mortality from the richer in society, the lap top class, the zoom class, to the poor, especially women and children. Minorities.

This dirty dozen.

These people named above and there are many not named here but are to be similarly investigated, all at CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE, CPSO, provincial governments in Canada and elsewhere, in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US government people, all, all media people, all who made policies and took actions, all who caused deaths, all who benefitted and made money, all who stole COVID relief money, corrupted it out for themselves, MPs, MPPs, congresspeople, senators, Prime Ministers, Presidents and I include investigations of Boris, of Trudeau, of Jacinda Ardern, Ford, Williams, Kenney, and I mean all. There must never be any COVID amnesty here, this time it is not about forgiveness for 2 weeks out we began to show them the science and evidence. These beasts, these malfeasants did not care. They were power-drunk and made big money. There was malice.

I say hang them high! Lock them all up!

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Dear Readers,

I also embed this short piece on The Wellness Company and The UNITY Project.

First, The Wellness Company.

I am proud to announce a unique partnership with The Wellness Company and everyone who believes in medical freedom. My dear and esteemed colleagues Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch are also in partnership with The Wellness Company which provides telemedicine services for long-haul COVID, vaccine injury, and medical exemptions along with supplements and products that are fully aligned with our values. This support for The Wellness Company stems from the sub-optimal medical care and response that we experienced throughout the pandemic. It became apparent that there are many glaring gaps in our healthcare system and people were not properly treated. Thus, the pivot by us to support The Wellness Company. Take a stand against a broken healthcare delivery system with a membership in The Wellness Company, which directly funds our fight against medical tyranny. Click here The Wellness Company for more information. 

I also provide scientific support to The UNITY Project out of California. A magical organization for good. I support this tremendous initiative with some fine colleagues who have been warriors in the fight against all the wrongs in COVID. The UNITY Project aligns with my core values for it is very fierce in its fight to protect children from the danger of the largely safety untested COVID gene injection (The Unity Project Formed by Concerned Parents to Coordinate Opposition to California's K-12 COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate) (contact: info@theunityproject.org).

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