July 10, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Maurice McGrath PhD


In 2020 concerned professionals coalesced forming NZDSOS in April 2021. This number has now grown to several hundred. Like the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, NZDSOS is a sentinel auditorium, but unlike The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, magnificent stellar vistas of Universal cataclysm were not on the menu.

Health professionals and scientists congregated at NZDSOS reacting to national and global atrocities playing out around the intentional amplification of a seasonal ‘flu perturbation into a pandemic, and the utilisation of this charade to assault the world population with a variety of destructive control measures, arguably the most sinister being the mass injection of a novel synthetic gene and lipid nanoparticle cocktail. Now we witness mounting excess death from all cause mortality.

On a smaller more vicious scale, one of lies, distortions and obfuscations, each built upon concealing or obscuring the previous, there is nevertheless an increasing recognition of the (…inexplicable, baffling) body bags, the excess death. We spectated a predictable trajectory carved by govern…mental derangement, one following an arc of dystopian laws and destructive policies buoyed in part by the media fueled singularity of mass formation [psychosis], described by Mattias Desmet.

Douglas Adams’ extraordinary imagination conjured up the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, and followed it with a series of books, the second being, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. In this extraordinary place, time travelers enjoyed fine dining while spectating the end of the universe returning to their own safe times before the ultimate closing time arrived at the restaurant. The unfolding vista before them would have been as captivating as it was terrifying.

So it is to us at NZDSOS, where we have witnessed the capture and systematic terrorisation of New Zealand and other countries. While the purpose of all this may initially have been obscure, greater clarity is now emerging from the orchestrated chaos that must surely compel a majority of people to awaken and wholeheartedly reject the narrative and its increasingly transparent ambitions. Excess death is one. Of the others, a few clues here.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) anti-corruption board member is Reuters News Agency CEO and a Board member of Pfizer, while Gates Foundation senior advisor board member and former CEO, Dr Susan Desmond-Hellmann was also a board member at Pfizer. The Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, founded in Davos in Switzerland in 2017 by the Gates Foundation, the Wellcome drug company and the WEF, funds the highly accelerated development of novel experimental injections. New Zealand government is a partner and investor of this development corporation.

Crushing Established Medical and Scientific Ethics

The demise of established ethics, the outrageous amendment to the Medicines Act 1981, the institutionalised and political stampede over Articles 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the now obviously worthless New Zealand Bill of Rights, the consent-lite virtue signaling vapidity of the New Zealand Medical Council with its, “Your Rights As A Patient,” completely disregarded, the unfolding of NZGOV policies that blatantly ignored the experiences of other countries and jurisdictions, all these were just the beginning to the tyranny imposed on New Zealand.

Evidence attesting to the predominant clinical innocuousness of COVID and a reliance upon a highly questionable inappropriate laboratory test RT-PCR to define ‘cases’ and escalate numbers, an obvious ploy to sustain a daily media output that stoked rank fear, while a sleight of hand deleted usual seasonal ‘flu, all were designed to stimulate injection uptake. This narrative continues smouldering today even in the face of rising excess death.

So, now we arrive at excess death, does anyone still feel surprised?

Conflating deaths with and of COVID, the development of a lingua franca of unique branding, those political lubricants referred to as, Cindness™ and Sole Truth™ from New Zealand’s PM, the instant, and early widespread introduction into the vernacular of anti-vaxx and hesitancy, classic psy-ops at play, all serving to ensure the frictionless imposition of societal constraint by con, coercion and cancellation. The stage had already been set by earlier WHO meddling around the definition of pandemic and US CDC change of definitions of vaccine and herd immunity, therefore making it far easier to enforce mass injection of populations.

The Nightmare Crystallises

This hitherto unimaginable nightmare was foisted on the World to facilitate the societal saturation required to crystalize the control. Networks of a corporate globalist secular technocracy envisaged by a conglomeration of unelected, unelectable bizarre caricatures at the centre of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and related corporate globalist entities swept into action. You will own nothing and be happy. Excess death, look the other way.

Their improbable and unlikely fate rests upon the successful digitization of humanity and all human activity with the collusion of governments. I don’t think they will succeed. Even while they furnish themselves with infinite justification to intervene infinitely in the lives of all people, aiming to achieve complete control of their words, health, work and environment and in the end, perhaps even their emotions and by limbic proxy therefore, their very thoughts, they betray themselves.

The fragility of their ideological construct is laid bare, for it depends for its very existence upon relentless vice-like total control. It is thus exposed as weak, erroneous, and immoral.

WEF “leadership” playmates Ardern of New Zealand and Trudeau of Canada manifestly care less about the thousands of lost jobs, livelihoods and incomes arising directly from the ethical, scientific and medically reasoned rejection of their mandated Pfizer injections. It is reasonable to suppose they also care less about excess death.

Excess death has now become manifestly obvious and will continue to grow, not only from multiple injections already imposed, but from the legislated booster shots to come and the pathological pursuit of ever younger people to inject. So far, as indeed one might expect, tyrannical silence is the sole response from authorities to the specter of excess death.

Below, the temporal relationship of Pfizer injections in New Zealand. Keep in mind that NZGOV do not distinguish between with or of COVID.

A harbinger of excess death, the temporal relationship of Pfizer injections in New Zealand to trends in cases, death, and hospitalised.The harbinger of excess death. NZ temporal relationship to Pfizer injections

Control The Present, Control The Past

Excess deaths, >New Zealand PM Ardern<br />‘Dismiss anything else, we will continue to be your single source of truth’<p>In New Zealand the government media is now bizarrely articulating a need to increase immigration to respond to their engineered shortfall in hospital and healthcare staffing, as opposed to the obvious, dropping the mandates and allowing thousands of New Zealand health professionals to return to their rightful work. Those professionals that refused to submit, refused to be conned or coerced were cancelled, and an ill-serving, struggling New Zealand health system is a consequence. </p><h2>Diversity, Inclusion and Equality aka, Division, Exclusion and Inequality</h2><p>The treachery exhibited by NZGOV and its media apparatchiks against the country is flagrant and deliberate, and it appears intended to obliterate national cohesion on all levels while simultaneously creating dependency and orchestrating control. A divided, less cohesive and weakened society makes it easier to impose control. One surmises that the government intended to exclude, demarcate, isolate, impoverish and demonize informed resistance in preparation for future events, signaled by PM Ardern’s infamous and flippant <a  href=“yep.”

This need not be our nation’s reality and we should reject it as we might spurn a rabid dog.

The Epic Medical and Political Travesty Of Excess Death

The medical and political travesty of excess death by Pfizer experimental injectionsThe travesty of what was once held in reverence

An investigation of the relationship between the percentage of the population fully vaccinated and the number of new COVID cases shattered the media, political and BigPharma myth that the novel experimental synthetic gene lipid nanoparticle injections possessed utility. Such early observations continue to be borne out by the accumulation of observational data.

An early observation that increases in COVID-19 were unrelated to the levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States was made in mid 2021. The authors recommended a re-examination of the sole reliance on ‘vaccination’ as the mitigation strategy of choice, suggesting other pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions be put in place, and they urged that the narrative became responsive to the emerging scientific evidence regarding real world effectiveness.

This paper became the focus of a concerted series of rebuttal letters. Nevertheless, an essential observation (that agreed with the US CDC) that the rates of hospitalisation and death increased respectively from 0.01% to 9% and 0 to 15.1%, January – May 2021, in the fully ‘vaccinated’ remains undeniable.

Real world effectiveness of the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ was inexorably being established as appalling (less than useless), with serious adverse events and death eclipsing any unpredictable trivial short lived debatable utility. Now excess deaths loom.

In June 2021, Walach et al. Vaccines. 9, 693 (2021) cited a numbers needed to vaccinate to prevent one infection (NNV) of 200 – 700 for Pfizer, and they identified that for every 3 deaths allegedly prevented from infection, 2 deaths were inflicted by injection. The mob forced the journal to retract the paper, an increasingly common feature these days. The study is now available as a ‘project’ on ResearchGate in a newly and independently peer reviewed version. The salient facts remain the same.

In July of 2021, Olliaro, Torreele and Vaillant echoed Walach et al. and published their analysis of Israeli data in the Lancet showing the absence of real world effectiveness. Absolute risk reduction seen in Pfizer injections was 0.46%, giving an NNV of 217.

Most recently, Fraiman et al. in their critical authoritative study (preprint) analyzing the initial Pfizer study undertaken to demonstrate injection efficacy, concluded that the Pfizer injections possessed negative risk-benefit, in other words, put simply, they’re useless, make matters worse now, set people up for potentially devastating mid to long term serious adverse events, and are potentially lethal clot-shots.

Contrary to the chanted narrative of NZGOV and media, they appear unsafe and ineffective.

In November 2021, Beattie from the University of Alberta undertook a ‘BigData Analysis of 145 Countries, a complex Bayesian causal impact analysis of ‘vaccine’ administration on deaths and cases associated with COVID-19.

The study is available on ResearchGate and it has also been commented upon by Steve Kirsch and his team who also support it with a list of similar published studies.

Beattie concluded:

The statistically significant and overwhelmingly positive causal impact after vaccine deployment on the dependent variables total deaths and total cases per million should be highly worrisome for policy makers. They indicate a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment that was originally sold to the public as the “key to gain back our freedoms.”

The effect of vaccines on total cases per million and its low positive association with total vaccinations per hundred signifies a limited impact of vaccines on lowering COVID-19 associated cases. These results should encourage local policy makers to make policy decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. These results should also encourage policy makers to begin looking for other avenues out of the pandemic aside from mass vaccination campaigns.”

All Cause Mortality and Excess Deaths ~ The New Zealand Body Bag Count Is Mounting

The consequences of manifest and distressing inhumanity

Already well flagged at NZDSOS on June 1 in ‘Watch: Excess Mortality in New Zealand‘ a growing statistical awareness of the inescapable body bag count of excess death is now a matter of public record, one eventually even the sycophantic New Zealand media will have to acknowledge. It will be interesting to see how they segue and pivot into the emerging reality not only of this travesty, but of their dwindling constituency.

Steve Kirsch highlighted on July 8 that, The “Safe And Effective” Narrative Is Falling Apart.

He cited a list of referenced indicators attesting to the ethical, medical, scientific and political, catastrophe inflicted upon the conned and coerced participants across the World. In this list he shows evidence from the rapidly rising excess death rates ~ all cause mortality ~ (not from COVID), heart attacks and stroke inverting the usual causal pattern of attributable deaths.

New Zealand Excess Death

In New Zealand Dr John Gibson of Waikato showed through careful and exhaustively detailed research the consequences of the the fraud perpetrated on the people of New Zealand by its government and health authorities. Gibson shows the results of a NZGOV that almost completely controls the media holding itself out to infamously be an Orwellian, ‘single source of truth’.

In his study, he describes the following question he asked in an omnibus survey in December 2021 conducted on landlines and mobile phones on a nationally representative sample of voting age New Zealanders.

The question he posed was:

The vaccine for COVID-19 marketed by Pfizer is the main COVID vaccine available in New Zealand. Based on your own understanding, were the trials that allowed the authorization of this vaccine designed to’ :

  • (a) Test if the vaccine prevents infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2(the virus that causes COVID-19)?
  • (b) Test if the vaccine reduces the likelihood of getting symptoms of COVID-19?
  • (c) Test if the vaccine reduces the likelihood of getting seriously sick and dying?
  • (d) All of the above

The New Zealand context of December 2021 was the parliamentary voting in of the ‘traffic light’ system designed to categorically restrict and exclude the ‘unvaccinated’ from participating in usual civic life. The backdrop to this draconian, unscientific, political edict was that by then many education and health workers had already lost their jobs due to their refusal to accept Government mandated injections 2 weeks previously in late November.

The Intentional Cultivation of Abject Ignorance

Ignorance begets excess death.The cultivation of public ignorance [and fear]

Dr Gibson showed that the responses to these questions unequivocally demonstrated the presence of inordinately high levels of Government and media cultivated public ignorance [and fear]. Only 4% of respondents of this nationally representative sample of voting age New Zealanders were able to identify the correct option, (b).

The survey indicated that almost all participants believed that there was a priori testing for protection against infection and/or for lowering risk of death. Almost everyone it seemed believed that the trial of the injections were subject to demanding criteria, which was not the case.

Dr Gibson showed that the responses to these questions unequivocally demonstrated the presence of inordinately high levels of Government and media cultivated public ignorance. Only 4% of respondents of this nationally representative sample of voting age New Zealanders were able to identify the correct option, (b).

The survey indicated that almost all participants believed that there was a priori testing for protection against infection and/or reduction in severity, less chance of death. It was considered that the testing was thorough and demanding, which has now been established not to have been the case. As for excess death, there was not a thought, inconceivable.

Excess Deaths, All Cause Mortality, A New Reality In New Zealand

Gibson concluded, after his analysis of New Zealand excess deaths comparing 2020 with 2021, the following:

In addition to the unexpected pattern of a higher vaccination rate being related to a bigger rise in excess mortality, the fact that excess mortality in 2021 was higher than in 2020 is notable. A priori, one might expect the opposite because 2021 had an additional tool – vaccines – not available in 2020. Adding an option should not impair overall performance. Moreover, lower mortality in the second year of a pandemic than in the first year might be expected if the most vulnerable (the elderly and those with co-morbidities) had already perished.

This is consistent with what was seen in the two prior pandemics to affect New Zealand, the H2N2 influenza (the ‘Asian flu’) in 1957–1958 and the H3N2 influenza (the ‘Hong Kong flu’) in 1968–1969. In those two pandemics, deaths in the second year were 2.7% (1.2%) lower than in the first year based on 1957–1958 (1968–1969) all-causes mortality data.

The Global Farce Continues

Excess death, a real world consequence of medical farceThe medical farce of the Singing Detective

As so many are just beginning to appreciate that the adverse events, severity of disease, and excess death of the multiply jabbed becomes undeniable, the policy adherents escalate their drama into epic farce.

The Canadian “Health” Minister, Jean-Yves Duclos stated on June 30th;

The COVID-19 virus is changing and Omicron has cruelly demonstrated that we will never be “fully vaccinated” against COVID.”

Being up to date with your vaccinations means that you received your last dose within the last 9 months.”

Commentary regarding this statement is as horrified as it is widespread. It is understandably damning. It seems (at least in Canada and many other places) that government mandated injections are trying to become de rigueur until, one is forced to speculate, the populous is reduced to the last man standing and excess death is a tacitly accepted though “baffling” feature of life. What some may not know is that the Canadian government leads the World table in vaccine purchases per capita, at a little more than 9 injections. (Data published more than a year ago was indicative of the current purchasing situation, and remains consistent with current information).

To reiterate, Steve Kirsch highlighted on July 8 that, The “Safe And Effective” Narrative Is Falling Apart. Excess death is an obvious feature of this disintegration. And in the back ground, ignored and stifled by the media, the another growing evil, the emergent data showing a monstrous cratering of the birth rate.

A Time Of Account Dawns

The New Zealand COVID-19 Act must be repealed in its entirety. Along with escalating excess deaths it may well provide a useful guide for prosecution.

After all, the New Zealand government amended the Medicines Act 1981 on the 25 May 2021. Prior to this amendment the Act had wisely restricted the use of a new medicine to the treatment of a limited number of patients. In order to accomplish injecting the Pfizer synthetic gene brew into the entire New Zealand population the Medicines Act was amended to delete this restriction, thereby permitting unfettered use of a new medicine, now solely on the basis of a Ministerial opinion that considered it desirable.

What opinion does the Minister now have regarding the rise of excess deaths?

What is even more alarming and seemingly remains open to legal investigation is the obvious fact that the New Zealand government entered into a commercial contract with Pfizer and BioNTech in October 2020 to buy 1.5 million COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ for potential delivery in the first quarter of 2021. At the time of contractual agreement, the extant Medicines Act (prior to its amendment on the 25 May 2021) would not have permitted the widespread utilisation of a new medicine in this population wide manner.

Further, an a priori commercial agreement is surely not a proxy for ad hoc (‘opinion’, ‘desirable’ ) Ministerial provisional consent?

So, with a contract already in place with Pfizer seemingly ultra vires, was there any Ministerial opinion considered desirable, other than enforced adherence to, by all accounts, a punitive commercial contract seemingly agreed before the revealing and hasty amendment of the Medicines Act?

Excess death; New Zealand High Court where justice will be served upon a government arguably acting ultra viresNew Zealand High Court where justice will be a dish best served cold

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