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  1. The vaccine deaths are too massive to keep hiding/explain them away:
    1. Non-Covid excess deaths: why are they rising? Experts call for probe as mortality rates in England and Wales climb despite drop in coronavirus deaths
    2. There is a 163% rise in life insurance claims at Lincoln National. They are the fifth largest insurance company in the US. The increase is huge. That’s not a 63% increase. It’s 163% increase, almost a tripling of the death rate. That isn’t COVID. COVID doesn’t kill anywhere close to that number of people. We are looking at the biggest killer in history and nobody can figure out what it is! Check out this video.
    3. Excess deaths are on the rise – but not because of CovidOffice for National Statistics data leads health experts to call for urgent investigation into what is causing the excess mortality
    4. Life insurance companies are reporting record numbers of excess deaths. These are not “statistical fluctuations.” The deaths are all caused by a huge intervention that is affecting the health of millions of people. And it’s all new. Nothing like this ever happened before 2021. Nothing of this magnitude has EVER happened in their history.
    5. England: Excess Deaths on the Rise But NOT because of COVID – Experts Call for Investigation
  2. The overall shift in the causes of death is impossible to ignore and can’t be explained if it wasn’t the COVID vaccine:

The causes of excess deaths has inverted.

Spring 2020:
Acute resp infection 32%
Diabetes 22%
Ischaemic heart disease 14%
Heart Failure 7%

Spring 2022:
Acute resp infection 10%
Diabetes 23%
Ischaemic heart disease 30%
Heart Failure 31% pic.twitter.com/d6VIFIKfCL

— Dr Clare Craig (not one of her impersonators) (@ClareCraigPath) July 7, 2022

3. The vaccine injuries of toddlers who are now having seizures cannot be explained. This is now a daily occurrence for 2 and 3-year-old kids to have seizures. It’s only happening in vaccinated kids and most often between 2 and 5 days of vaccination from the COVID vaccine. Doctors are not allowed to report it publicly (not allowed to share on social media or the press) so each doctor thinks it is simply a “one-off” event that is ONLY happening to them, so they think it is just “bad luck.” If doctors would be allowed to speak publicly, they would realize the massive pattern. This is why hospitals muzzle the doctors: so the public NEVER finds out. We have multiple reports of these from nurses who are scared that their social media accounts are being monitored.

4. Countries are starting to realize birth rates are dropping and there are more stillbirths. Sweden, the UK, Germany, etc. See my article about birth rates.

5. The deaths and injuries are happening in plain view of everyone with no plausible explanation for all the coincidences. All of the events are only happening to vaccinated people.

    1. Think about all the rock concerts that have been terminated or cancelled due to medical reasons. Justin Bieber, Santana, … Someone sent me a list of four other concerts that were cancelled recently. This isn’t normal folks.
    2. Athletes are dying in plain sight at 22X normal. Every day. Today, former NHL defenseman Bryan Marchment died “unexpectedly.”
    3. Even young UPS drivers, like 24-year-old Estegan Chavez, Jr. are dying while delivering packages which is not nearly as physically demanding. These are just the deaths you hear about though.
    4. Pilots are having events at an unprecedented rates, but the airlines are refusing to screen the pilots for cardiac issues. When Bob Snow had a cardiac event right after he landed, he didn’t even get a call from the CEO of American Airlines. The FAA won’t require pilot screening. They know exactly what they would find. So they look the other way and say nothing and pretend these events never happened. The pilots know. Any member of the public with a working brain can figure this out.
    5. Surveys consistently show that less than 50% of Americans are willing to get more shots of the vaccine. Most of America is clued in, even though none of the media people are. As a result, the government is throwing away tens of millions of vaccine doses due to insufficient demand (which is why Peter Marks of the FDA said he’d do anything except debate the opposition to reduce vaccine hesitancy. So basically we are literally throwing away billions of dollars of taxpayer money to produce a product nobody wants. Is anyone in Congress complaining about the government waste: No. Not a single person. Is anyone in the mainstream media pointing out this is stupid to order a product nobody wants? Nope. Nobody in mainstream media is going to publish an op-ed like that. They all just go along as if nothing is wrong.
    6. People’s young healthy friends are having medical problems at a unprecedented rate (though not everyone is realizing this). For example, today I learned that one of our country club employees that I knew died from a stroke at age 52.
    7. Whenever we do audience surveys, every audience always reports a comparable or excess rate of death from the vaccine vs. COVID. So even if you don’t see it yourself, the live audience surveys are very convincing since there is no “bias” in these live surveys. Nobody but “misinformation spreaders” like myself are willing to do the surveys for some reason.

6.User surveys done by professional third party polling firms consistently show the vaccines have killed more people than COVID has. The NY Times, 60 Minutes, etc. all refuse to do the surveys themselves. They don’t want anyone to know. Our next step is to use a big name polling organization to promote this result so it is not coming from “anti-vaxxers.” This poll will be impossible for anyone to ignore.

7. Mandates are vanishing even though COVID rates are increasing. For example, see:

Vanishing vaccine mandates: No apology from our once-so-zealous public health officials

8. The evidence shows that COVID was created by the US government. Professor Jeffrey Sachs who was responsible for the official investigation said that. But he also said that there is no interest in learning more. How can there be no interest in learning more? The only way there can be no interest in learning more is if the government did it. Check out this article in Science: “Fights over confidentiality pledge and conflicts of interest tore apart COVID-19 origin probe: Former members of The Lancet task force challenge why economist Jeffrey Sachs disbanded effort.” Sachs figures out Daszak is conflicted and Daszak won’t produce documents showing a conflict. So the panel sides with Daszak!!! It is completely stunning that nearly the whole panel is conflicted and corrupt. Sachs emerges as the hero here. He calls for further investigation by an unbiased commission due to the smoking gun evidence of a contract that was “supposedly” never funded. Nobody takes him up on it because he’s right; what they want is a corrupt investigation only. The contract fits the origin of COVID like a glove and Daszak’s defense is “it was never funded, therefore the work wasn’t done.” But it’s not so simple as that as the article points out. Daszak was lying.

9. Vaccine injuries are now being compensated in other countries, but not in America. How can the vaccines not injure anyone in America? Thousands have applied for compensation, but not a single award has been given. That’s simply impossible if there isn’t a government cover-up.

10. The most extensive investigations ever done on a death, 14 months of intensive investigation, have proven that the vaccines kill people. 27-year-old Jack Last of Stowmarket was vaccinated on March 30, 2021 and died days later. It took 14 months of investigation to determine he was killed by the vaccine.

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