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Several weeks ago now I put out a report in conjunction with Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) and Dr. Andrew Huff with over 130 citations that corroborated a first-hand witness’s testimony (also included) that SARS-COV2 was created in a lab in Wuhan China with funding and knowledge of Anthony Fauci. Along with the revelation about the creation and subsequent release or escape of the pathogen from a laboratory that was frequently spoken of in the same sentence as any good discussion on the CCP bio weapons programs, we showed potential ties to major institutions, the intelligence community, and even the President’s son. You can see that report by clicking here but I do not think you will find any links in any mainstream media.

Last week, on behalf of MAFA, Patti Finn and I (along with several other amazing attorneys), filed a $1 billion plus lawsuit against EcoHealth Alliance and several other defendants in which we alleged that they were liable for the injury of our Plaintiffs who were injured or lost loved ones to the disease. The ramifications of the suit are quite substantial and it was an important step in bringing accountability to people we believe were responsible for creating a disease that, according to the WHO, killed over 6.5 million people. You can see the case by clicking here but you will not hear anything about this case in any mainstream outlets.

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All this leads me to a question, if the entirety of the world was impacted by a disease that was created in a laboratory as a result of irresponsible gain-of-function research for nearly three years, and over 6.5 million died, how is this not news and are the “news” outlets actually really news or are they just propaganda pieces? And if these “news” outlets are actually just marketing organizations then are they immune from lawsuits in the way that an actual news organization would be? I recognize that this position will be controversial, but I am wondering whether or not a lawsuit might be in order.

You see, I am a tremendous proponent of free speech and take no issue with editorial discretion. That said, there are two major issues. The first is that if you are a marketing organization advertising yourself as a “news” outlet then that is a misrepresentation. Further, if the product or idea you are marketing is dangerous you might be liable. In this instance, lies about well-known and accepted jab risks and the multiple lies related to the nature of SARS-COV2 come to mind. I am not suggesting that this would be a viable case - I have not YET researched it fully - but it is interesting to think about… if I were advertising hand grenades as safe and effective children’s toys that would not be good.

The other major issue I see is that if the government is involved with the “editorial decisions” by way of pushing for censorship it would be unconstitutional an such an organization may be liable under 42 USC 1983. You see, the government cannot censor free speech and doing so by proxy is also unacceptable. Again, I have not fully researched this but believe it would be interesting to look in to, particularly in light of the information uncovered in recent lawsuits showing the government has pushed for censorship. Hopefully I either find enough resources to expand capacity or someone else really digs in to this soon.

Just as importantly as the cover-up in the press is the cover-up by our politicians. I would expect nothing less from the Democrats - they have completely lost any sense of sanity and, with the potential ties to Hunter Biden, this is something they would not want in the press. The Republicans, however, are nearly inexplicable. The rumor is that when I released the report there was a meeting in DC and the Republicans

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decided to help quash the story until after the election. Purportedly this is because they were concerned about Pharma using some of the billions of dollars we just printed and gave them to fund their opponents in the election. Let me acknowledge that I am not an insider and would have to dig a bit to prove such a meeting happened but the fact than not a single elected Republican has spoken about this, to my knowledge, is telling.

This leads to the question I asked recently on social media. If the Republicans are too afraid of big Pharma to speak out before the election, why should we believe they will have the courage to after the election when they have two more years for us to “forget”? This is an important question and one I think we should ask EVERY single Republican running for office.

I want to end this article by sharing that I do recognize that all of the Republicans probably did not see the report and so some deserve the benefit of the doubt. I also recognize that Mitch McConnell is not above threatening some “at risk” Republicans with pulling their funding if they don’t stay quiet on the issue which could be disastrous in some tight races so a few more should get a pass (though McConnell should be thrown out of the party). All that said, I literally could not point to a clearer example of the fact that the Republican Party has split loyalties between it’s base and special interests. I also could not point to a clearer example of why we need to purge ourselves of RINOs and demand the Republicans answer questions about this issue BEFORE the election.

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