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Stats Junkies Rejoice!

Everyone who's been trying to watch the stats as they've been presented by the American VAERS program knows that, as good as it is, there's just a TON of missed injuries that don't make it on there.

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Well, what if I told you there's another vaccine adverse event database that exists? One that the people themselves submit their experiences to via a user friendly app? And what if that info has been hidden for the past 21 months by the CDC??

Well, then you'd be please to also find out that the CDC, by federal court order, now has to release this data publicly... TODAY!

The CDC’s V-Safe App

I only recently became aware of the very existence of this app…

Maybe part of that is that I’m unvaccinated, or that I’m not American… probably both.

BUT, to summarize the system and why it’s such a goldmine for all of us trying to sift out what the actual real world damage from these injections is, unlike the arduous and time consuming VAERS process — V-safe is a simple and user friendly app that allows the vaccinated to report their own adverse events directly to the CDC!

What that means is this — there have been somewhere north of 137 MILLION such entries into this system that the CDC has been sitting on (read that hiding from us) for the past 21 months!!

You can read the full run down in this article below (just click the image):

Here’s a quick rundown from it though:

According to ICAN [Informed Consent Action Network], the court order requires the CDC to release the first batch of 19 months’ worth of data collected from millions of participants who reported adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccination via the V-safe app between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 31, 2022.

In all, the CDC will be required to release more than 137 million health V-safe entries.

The CDC describes V-safe as a smartphone app that “provides personalized and confidential check-ins via text messages and web surveys,” enabling users to “quickly and easily share with CDC how you, or your dependent, feel after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.”

According to the CDC, “This information helps CDC monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in near real time,” adding that the purpose of the V-safe app “is to rapidly characterize the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines when given outside a clinical trial setting.”

It Gets Dropped TODAY!

According to the below court order, the first package of this data MUST be produced TODAY, September 30, 2022. The remainder of it will be negotiated for release on another court date in mid-October.

What You Can Expect MSM To Say

Of course, we can all fully expect and predict the slant that the mainstream media is going to take on this… if they report it at all.

“Though over 137 million reports were made via this app, we can’t trust any of them cause reasons. Also, this only breeds vaccine hesitancy. Also, go get your boosters and be one of the lucky first human beings on planet earth they’ve ever been injected into!”

*Brought to you by Pfizer*

You know that this info will be described as “anecdotal” and “over blown” so as to make people presume it fully untrustworthy. But, look… this is going to be the BEST look we’ve ever had since the beginning of the vaccine roll-out to finally cut through the censoring, gaslighting and downplaying of real world effects at a personal level!

I dare say, this will be the most accurate statistical database we’ve ever seen for this stuff. So, let’s let the stats geeks do their thing!

On A Personal Note

Thank you to everyone who’s been enjoying both the podcasts and the substack so far! We’re growing at a steady clip and really building a powerhouse of a Social Disorder tribe!

It’s a full time gig doing what I do here with it, and I absolutely love every minute. But, bills are bills and life is getting tight. Especially with our next crossing of the American border in our travel trailer home-on-wheels in the next 2 weeks.

I NEVER want to put any sort of paywall between the show or the substack, but in return, I’d like to give people an easy way to send a few shekels our way to help cover costs and even just as a small symbol of appreciation.

Therefore and thusly, I’ve started an account with “Buy Me a Coffee”!

Buy Me a Coffee is a platform that allows fans and supporters of content like this to send some loose change to their favorite content creators. Basically saying “Thanks for what you do, have a coffee on me.”.

Clearly, they don’t send me actual coffee, but if you feel the urge, the link below makes it extremely easy to casually send $5 my way as a thanks.

Every penny is deeply appreciated by me and my family, and god bless everyone who has the means and inclination to do so! (click the image below)

~ Drew Weatherhead

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