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CJ Hopkins, The Road to Totalitarianism, Revisited:

After I happened upon the “Covid restrictions” (i.e., the social-segregation system) still being enforced by that Off-Broadway theater, I stumbled upon this article in Current Affairs about the oracle Yuval Noah Harari, the writer of which article mentions in passing that somewhere between 6 million and 12 million people have “died of Covid,” as if this were a fact, a fact that no one in their right mind would question.

Which it is, officially, in our new “reality,” despite the fact (i.e., the actual fact) that — as even the “health authorities” have admitted — anyone who died of anything in a hospital after testing positive was recorded as a “Covid-19 death.”

This is how “reality” (i.e., official “reality,” consensus “reality”) is manufactured and policed. It is manufactured and policed, not only by the media, corporations, governments, and non-governmental governing entities, but also (and, ultimately, more effectively) by the constant repetition of official narratives as unquestionable axiomatic facts.

Hopkins’ point about how consensus “reality” is manufactured and policed, is extremely important.

Yesterday after I read it, I was reading more legal pleadings. I was reading the Ninth Circuit opinion and Supreme Court appellate briefs in Saldana v. Glenhaven Health Care (22-192).

The Saldana case presents SCOTUS with an opportunity to review the liability immunities provided to medical facilities, medical personnel and medical products under the 2005 PREP Act and related HHS declarations and recommendations on emergency treatments and protocols.

On Sept. 30, 2022, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, the American Hospital Association, the American Health Care Association and the American Tort Reform Association filed an amicus brief in support of Glenhaven’s position that the survivors of the dead man (Ricardo Saldana), have no viable claim against the nursing home where he died, on grounds that PREP Act preemption is complete.

The medical-industry cabal attorneys at page 3:

In early 2020, a highly contagious and deadly new virus began sweeping around the world and across the country. Little at the time was known about COVID- 19, how it spread, how it harmed those infected, how it could be contained, or how it could be prevented. Healthcare providers were forced to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and information.

This paragraph has been reproduced, with slight variations as to wording, in thousands of legal documents during Covid-times, written by purveyors of the official narrative, but also reflected in victims’ own filings and in judicial orders and memoranda.

For example, US District Judge William Stickman IV wrote an otherwise constitutionally-sound September 2020 decision in Butler v. Wolf, USDC Western District of Pennsylvania, 2:20-cv-677.

The case was brought by several Pennsylvania small business owners and others, challenging Governor Tom Wolf’s executive orders shutting down or reducing occupancy at premises across the state.

Judge Stickman found the governor’s orders unconstitutional.

The Constitution cannot accept the concept of a “new normal” where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures. Rather, the Constitution sets certain lines that may not be crossed, even in an emergency. Actions taken by Defendants crossed those lines. It is the duty of the Court to declare those actions unconstitutional. Thus, consistent with the reasons set forth above, the Court will enter judgment in favor of Plaintiffs. (p. 66)

But even Stickman accepted the basic premise we now know was fraudulent from the start:

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of American life. Since the novel coronavirus emerged in late 2019, governments throughout the world have grappled with how they can intervene in a manner that is effective to protect their citizens from getting sick and, specifically, how they can protect their healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by an onslaught of cases, hindering their ability to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 or any other emergency condition. (p. 1)

Judge Stickman’s Sept. 2020 order was immediately stayed by Third Circuit at Governor Wolf’s request, leaving Wolf’s shutdown orders in force.

Plaintiffs’ appeal was dismissed as moot by the Third Circuit in August 2021, on the absurd grounds that Wolf had temporarily lifted the restrictions and therefore the basis for constitutional review of executive emergency powers had disappeared.

The same absurd reasoning has been used to throw out a lot of similar cases; it’s a pattern; it’s part of the coordinated program. See, for example, June 22, 2022 Bailiwick report on a Georgia case: Smart v. Kemp; ultra vires - ‘beyond the power.’

SCOTUS denied certiorari on Butler v. Wolf in January 2022, refusing to hear the plaintiffs’ appeal from the Third Circuit dismissal. See Feb. 4, 2022 Bailiwick report: How the International Health Regulations voiding constitutional and statutory law in signatory nation-states, underpin de facto public health martial law in Pennsylvania.

Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs filed a Third Circuit amicus brief in Butler v. Wolf, on the side of the small business owners, concluding that “the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause does not allow Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine to unilaterally — and indefinitely — determine which businesses in Pennsylvania may operate and which businesses must close, based upon an undefined standard that is permanently insulated from review. The [Sept. 2020 Stickman] opinion of the District Court should be upheld.”

But even the authors of that brief, in siding with the small business owners against Governor’s Wolf’s totalitarian overreach, accepted the basic premise.

A brutal, debilitating and unrelenting pandemic swept across the entire globe in 2020. In its wake, the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) has left only death and destruction. It ravaged thriving economies, attacked prospering businesses, and took millions of innocent lives. The exigent nature of the current health crisis is not in question. The disease forced this nation’s federal, state and local governments to react quickly and decisively to an unprecedented public health emergency.

The language is designed to reinforce the illusion, the fraud, on which the rest of the criminal enterprise rests: the claim that “the exigent nature of the current health crisis is not in question.”

The language has been inserted into Covid-era legal documents early in the text, at introductory or background sections where most lawyers, judges and experienced readers are skimming without engaging deep analytical faculties, self included.

Legal readers skim those sections because they typically present factual case information that is well-known and not disputed, and we’re more interested in getting to the disputed issues and the legal arguments.

It’s diabolical, coordinated genius.

It forces readers to skip over the single most important disputable issue: What is the nature of the emergency confronting human beings since January 2020, and therefore also confronting the courts through which we traditionally try to resolve disputes without resorting to overt violence?

Is the emergency the global outbreak of a deadly, novel, unprecedented communicable disease, as thousands of lawyers and judges have stated as indisputable fact, in thousands of pleadings?

Or is the emergency the global outbreak of a massive, orchestrated fraud, combined with covert violence (bioterrorism and medical murder), designed to bypass the Constitutional crisis set in motion by Congress and US Presidents through hundreds of tyrannical legislative and executive acts committed over the past half-century?

Is it a massive, orchestrated fraud designed to clear away every conceivable legal, social and political obstacle in the path to non-consensual, centralized, public health-predicated global surveillance, control and governance?

With every passing day, the answer becomes more clear.

It’s a massive, orchestrated fraud.

It all goes back, again and again, to the legal mechanisms.

The legal codes, regulations, executive orders, declarations and proclamations are the primary crime scenes, where the criminals rampaged long before the death machine engines engaged in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and pop-up vaxx clinics.

The visible law-makers and shadowy law-writers are the master criminals, long before the public health experts, doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical manufacturers began to play their parts.

And the pseudo-laws have been written to pre-cover up the crimes, pre-paralyze the courts, suppress the legal principles, and preempt and hide the resulting Constitutional crisis triggered by those laws.

The criminals desperately need to bypass that Constitutional crisis, to take us all quietly to the full totalitarian system that lies beyond it.

It’s a massive, orchestrated fraud.

That’s the knowledge that the would-be global tyrants must keep from the Normals at all costs, and operate every lever of power at their disposal to keep hidden.

Every legal pleading filed by the resistance from this point forward should stop playing along with the fraud and start reinforcing the truth.

The very first sections of every filing need to include some version of the following:

A brutal, debilitating and unrelenting US Government-coordinated fraud swept across the entire globe in 2020.

Government and public health agencies around the world labelled the fraud “Covid-19,” and used the fraud to terrify populations; suspend the rule of law; destroy the credibility of religious, political, legal, medical, scientific research and media institutions and professions; shred social bonds based on mutual trust; ravage thriving economies; attack prospering businesses; and take millions of innocent lives.

The fraudulent global health crisis was manufactured and sustained through specific, identifiable government policies and programs developed at the federal level in the US, and exported for replication by national governments in almost every other country in the world.

These policies and programs included the development and deployment of communicable and injectable pathogens — including but not limited to the toxic compound colloquially known as the “spike protein” — by the US Department of Defense in cooperation with academic and private sector criminal organizations in the US and other countries, in violation of international and federal laws prohibiting chemical and biological warfare, genocide, torture, mutilation and other atrocities.

These policies and programs must be scrutinized, repealed and terminated. Their architects and financiers must be charged, tried and executed. Their victims and survivors of the dead must be compensated and cared for.

The US Government’s fraud forced the world’s people to waste three years attempting to react quickly and decisively to an allegedly unprecedented public health emergency, when in truth, the unprecedented threat faced by Americans and the rest of humanity is a criminal fraud and mass murder campaign operated by the US Government and dozens of private-sector and academic conspirator organizations.

I respect CJ Hopkins and his writer-warrior work. He is a powerful, wise voice crying in the wilderness. I’m grateful for him and his courage and perseverance.

I’m also alert to the emotional effects of things I read and watch. Reading Hopkins often pushes me toward despair, which is bad.

Despair is part of the learned helplessness phenomenon. It weakens agency.

My understanding is that Hopkins thinks that humans can and should try to resist, organize ourselves and throw off the diabolical totalitarian tsunami crashing over us. But he also thinks that there are too many Normals and not enough Deviants, and the totalitarian overlords have had too much control for too long over the minds of the Normals, so the likelihood of success is near-zero.

When I read Hopkins, I try to absorb his incisive analysis and historical contextualizing, and also try to remind myself: God changes the calculus.

God can do things humans cannot do.

Working with God, humans can do things that humans cannot do by ourselves.

God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Painting by Pompeo Batoni

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