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Executive summary

Turtles All the Way Down shows how people have been deceived for decades about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. It’s devastating and hard hitting. It’s the best book ever written on vaccine safety (or lack thereof). The Foreword pretty much sums up the book, but you’ll be thoroughly convinced you’ve been conned mid-way into the first Chapter.

Do not confuse it with the 2017 novel by John Green with the same name! This is a mistake I made when I first heard about the book from my readers.


The page on Amazon contains an excellent summary of the contents and many editorial reviews.

Do you know of anyone who read the book who did not find it convincing?

You can stop reading after you are convinced. The preface is excellent and that may be all it takes for some people.

The problem with the book

As you might imagine, the problem is to get people to read the book!

I talked to a friend of mine who had taken 5 vaccines, but believes in science. I asked him to spend just 20 minutes to read the book. He said sure. I sent him a link to the PDF. He called me back 2 minutes later saying the book is anti-vaccine and vaccines are good so he’s not going to read it.

So facts don’t matter.

The top review on Amazon is an excellent summary

5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning evaluation of the vaccine industry

Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2022

An absolutely devastating takedown of the vaccine industry, especially coming on the heels of the 'safe and effective' COVID shots, which are actually neither. This book was published in 2019 but just recently translated into English. None of the facts stated have been refuted by anyone in the vaccine industry.

Did you know there has never been one completely randomized control trial done with ANY of the vaccines on the market to test for safety? Not one. So efficacy aside, there is literally NO science to back up the claim that any vaccine is safe for infants, small children, or adults.

Did you know that only a small handful of the current 'required' vaccines confer any kind of herd immunity? About 70% of them possibly provide some personal protection for the recipient, but most of the target diseases are mild anyway and easily survivable, thus completely negating any kind of societal need for mass vaccination.

Did you know that the Salk and Sabin polio shots had a negligible effect on the reduction of polio cases, and in fact, there's a vast amount of evidence that points to pesticide poisoning as the cause of the paralysis heretofore attributed to polio?

Did you know that chronic conditions in children have EXPLODED in the last 60 years or so, since vaccines have been pushed on an unsuspecting public, with no honest attempt to explain or stop the explosion? Every doctor/researcher who has even tried to examine this has been discredited, blackballed, and had their studies suppressed. Government and Big Pharma fund virtually ALL scientific research and they have zero incentive to find anything negative in the vaccine program.

Run, don't walk, from anyone trying to inject your defenseless baby with any of the vaccines. The risk/benefit analysis comes down squarely on the side of not vaxxing.

Do your research; do NOT listen to the pediatrician who has no training in this field. Ask the questions that are suggested in this book and see what kind of response you get.

I am convinced that my youngest child, 16 years his eldest sibling's junior, and recipient of almost 2X as many shots in infancy and early childhood, has a chronic skin condition and some minor developmental delays as a result of the aluminum, mercury, thimerosal, and other toxic poisons in the myriad shots I was ignorant enough to allow him to receive. I thank God for the fact that this is ALL he's suffering from and that he's not irredeemably harmed.

It's too late for a lot of kids, but maybe this book can educate the next generation of parents, and they can save their kids from a lifetime of illness and vaccine induced misery.

The CHD video on vaccine safety

There’s a great 20 minute video on vax safety from CHD. It’s another red pill option.


This is the red pill in book form.

The only problem is getting people to read it.

For fun, ask your doctor what she thought of the book.

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