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I’m happy to report that two Affidavits of Noncompliance, titled In regards to fraudulent Covid-19 national emergency, filed in Centre County, Pennsylvania by me and a friend, have now been uploaded to the online court records system thanks to diligent follow-up by Centre County Prothonotary Jeremy Breon.

In confirming Breon’s statement, I found that a third person in Centre County filed one on October 14.

Which is good.

To recap:

A friend and I went to the courthouse in Bellefonte on October 7 to file Affidavits of Noncompliance.

Our work is part of a grassroots movement to build a massive, nationwide public record of total nonviolent noncompliance (h/t 2ndsmartestguy) with the medicalized martial law and mass murder cage built over the last century or so; deployed under the Covid-19 pretext since Jan. 27, 2020 by hundreds of white-collar war criminals embedded in the US Government; and now being reinforced — under the direction of hell-bent globalists — through the DOD and HHS led by Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, in coordination with a phalanx of traitorious co-conspirators.

The total-nonviolent-noncompliance movement aims to peel county law enforcement officials — sheriffs, prosecutors, and judges — away from their silent, immobile complicity with the globalists’ atrocities; align them with the victims and the resistance; and embolden them to file criminal charges and bring the criminals to trial.

As the Affidavit concludes:

The US Government architects of the Covid-19 program have operated outside the rule of law and the US Constitution and have committed grave crimes against humanity and war crimes, including but not limited to genocide, bioterrorism, chemical warfare, murder, torture, sterilization and maiming. They are currently implementing the next phases of the plan.

They should be removed from office by county law enforcement agents operating under the US Constitution. They should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of American criminal laws, including laws which implement international treaties prohibiting biological weapons, chemical weapons, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture and murder.

I stand ready, willing and able to support the restoration of the US Constitution and rule of law in America.

I stand ready, willing and able to support criminal investigations and prosecutions, and call upon my county clerk, county sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, county prosecutors and county judges to undertake appropriate legal action immediately.

On October 7, the court clerks accepted our two Affidavits of Noncompliance, assigned case numbers (2022-0020-CM and 2022-0021-CM) processed our $10 fees, and stamped our affidavits as “Filed for Record.”

On November 4, I checked the online court records database to confirm that our Affidavits had been uploaded, and found that they had not.

This was a frustrating development, made more so because of my unusually detailed knowledge of witnessed, documented but unpunished corrupt and criminal acts committed by county prosecutors, judges and clerks in Centre County in recent years.

I wrote a post titled Tampering with public records; perjury. Foxes in the henhouse, wolves 'guarding' the sheep, writ small and writ large.

The post included an overview of the Centre County court corruption issues I investigated between 2016 and 2019, and a premature speculation that the same malfeasance was occurring again, to suppress the newly-filed affidavits just as prosecutors, judges and clerks had suppressed court records and destroyed evidence in the past.

A reader commented:

Quick question: Did you inform anyone that your case is missing? If so, did they offer a reason that it's not showing in the database yet?

I mean, it's not even 30 days yet. (I've lived and worked in PA smaller towns and they won't even process the check$$$ I send them for AGES.)

This reader raised an extremely important point.

I revised the post to remove the Centre County corruption history and add an apology:

The original post laid out detailed speculation about criminal tampering with public records, based largely on my past investigation of Centre County government officials, and witness accounts of tampering with Centre County court records by prosecutors and judges.

A reader who is more emotionally-removed from the situation, commented that perhaps there’s just been a lengthy delay in logging the information to the online system. That’s a benefit of the doubt I should have been willing to extend to the Centre County clerks, but did not. I’m sorry.

I’m angry, frustrated and tired. In that state of mind, I should not have posted the detailed Centre County background.

I’ve removed the Centre County content for now, leaving only the content about how fraud crimes form part of the basis for several Covid-19 federal cases.

On November 7 (this past Monday), Prothonotary Jeremy Breon reached out by email, saying that the issue had been brought to his attention and he would like to resolve it.

I replied, providing the case numbers, filing dates and other information.

Today (November 9), Breon wrote back:

I can assure you that the paper copies of the documents were time stamped and remained available for public inspection, however there was a delay in uploading them to the electronic viewing system. We do strive to promptly make these records accessible on the electronic viewing system, and regrettably we did not meet that goal on this occasion. You can be assured that this matter has been addressed in my office and the documents are now accessible both in the official paper record and on the electronic viewing system.

I checked to confirm, and then thanked him for following up and for his diligence and integrity.

Saints Theodore of Amasea and Theodore Stratelates. Fresco, Kremikocvtsi Monastery, Bulgaria

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