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There is not a great lot of information online on urine therapy, but as someone who has tried this therapy on more than one occasion, and still exists, if it was truly toxic would I not be ill? Two of my most popular posts on this website are possible ways to neutralise spike protein damage from Covid vaccines and the Deception of NESARA/GESARA post. I get a lot of comments on both posts, and I always want to offer helpful information.

On the last few responses to the neutralising spike protein post, I have mentioned urine therapy to those who seemed to be really suffering, and one has told they don’t recommend it. Why ask for help then? Yes, it might be a controversial subject that is not discussed in the mainstream, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value to sustaining health, especially in this day and age of the weakening human through these evil pharmaceutical COVID ‘vaccines’ that are STILL touted as ‘safe and effective’.

BUT, when I mention urine therapy, it’s often a cringe worthy subject matter to avoid. I mean, all of our lives we’ve been taught that urine is a waste product, but what if we were told a lie? I mean I am living proof that drinking my own urine hasn’t killed me, only helped during the circumstances I have taken it. And please note, I don’t take it everyday consistently, as some urine therapy advocates do. I take it as and when I need to.

I agree, urine doesn’t taste like guinness and black, but I take kamut wheatgrass juice powder daily (and during pregnancy) and that doesn’t taste that good either, but I know it’s a superfood. We are living in a world where information on maintaining good health is censored. These satanists want us sick and reliant on THEIR cures, which are pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have nasty side effects that are often disabling, while others die of these products. And no, healthy people dying suddenly is NOT NATURAL

I disagree with the Government’s methods of staying healthy. It is the opposite of good health.

It has been decades since I stopped using the shop bought kitchen cleansers, shampoos, body washes etc. I switched to plain old soap and I use Microbz probiotic cleaners. I have seen a massive improvement in my husband’s allergies since I ditched his chemical cleaning products. He used to have sneezing fits almost daily, but now it’s very very rare. He often uses soap for washing his face, body, and hair, and again, I believe it has had a positive effective against his allergies. We try to be as natural as possible. Soap nuts are used for washing clothes, together with a few drops of orange essential oil.

Back on the subject of this post – urine therapy. I don’t know much about this therapy, but I’m open minded and I have tried it on multiple occasions. I have suffered from chronic coughs in the past and had to take rotabussin dry cough suppressant. However, since I am pregnant, I want to stay as natural as possible. I am avoiding Covid vaccines, avoiding ultrasounds, avoid dopplers, and eating a high saturated fat, high vitamin A diet. Heart rate is checked by the midwife using a pinard. She was experienced and picked up the baby’s heartbeat immediately. She looked rather excited too and confessed that she doesn’t use those tools much anymore. Basically, I am doing everything against what the medical establishment tells me to do. Ultimately, I am trusting God and whether we are given a boy or a girl, we have names and they are loved.

So when I found out I was pregnant, I developed a pretty chronic cough early on around week 3 and 4. I know the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, but I didn’t want to take the conventional cough suppressants, and bingo – urine therapy popped into my head. So I started grabbing about 20ml of mid stream morning urine, holding my nose, and downing it. I repeated this for three or four days, just one small amount every day and my cough subsided almost immediately. It was amazing.

I shared the free PDF book by John Armstrong called The Water of Life on Facebook, and I didn’t get any positive feedback. I shared how the urine therapy had helped me kill this cough. One Christian friend told me I was getting into a Hindu practice, and said she would never drink her urine. Another suffering from severe pain in her body told me the same. I’m just thinking “but what if it helps you, would you not try it?” Why suffer if you don’t have to.

I agree, only Jesus Christ is the true living water, but I’m just sharing a practice that has worked for me when I needed to kill a cough naturally. If you haven’t tried it, then don’t judge those that have found it successful.

I found this video this morning, which is in depth. He might not be a Christian, more of a new age type of mindset, but it’s still very helpful in these times that we are living in. I believe in the power of prayer, but prayers of healing are not always answered. God has given us all a powerful system called an immune system, and this past year, much of the population has forgotten this and instead put their faith in Government leaders who tell them want to do.

Your health is your wealth. Keep it in tip top shape. Stay away from pharmaceutical products where you can and become reliant on detoxifying your environment as best you can.

I’m drinking a small shot of fresh urine again since I have developed another cough after being around my husband who has had the flu and I’m 19 weeks pregnant. He is not open to trying this therapy, but he knows of a friend on Facebook who cured her fibromyalgia with urine therapy. It was a fascinating read, and yet again it was judged by those ignorant of the facts as a dangerous unhealthy practice. It just made me so happy to read of her recovery and healing, and all from urine therapy. I’m going to post her testimonial here.

I am a witness to the healing power of Urine. I had fibromyalgia for 22 years. I was off and on all sorts of pain meds and anti-depressants during that time. My pains were very intense, I would be in bed from exhaustion for hours or days, and I always had a foggy mind.
I got introduced to Urine Healing Therapy around June last year. At the time I was taking Slow release Tramadol, Deluxotine and Pregabalin. I didn’t mind the taste of Urine and was so sick of being sick. So, I jumped in and began to drink it as often as possible, which was most days. I was ready for healing. It took me around 4 months to get off my medication, which was not a nice journey. But now I have been off medication for around 11 months. All the symptoms have cleared up. I no longer feel poisoned, I am free to dance and enjoy life fully again. My Joy Restoreth. I am eternally grateful to Yahweh, for giving us this free gift, the healer within, the great comforter. Our own perfect medicine. Urine is The Living Water, the true baptism, to wash away our sins/toxins.
King James Version
For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water – Jeremiah 2:13
O Lord, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters – Jeremiah 17:13
But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life – John 4:14
He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water – John 7:38
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me – Revelation 3:20
And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely – Revelation 22:17
I now loop it every day. Which is drinking morning urine, then collecting and drinking it throughout the day, mostly it becomes clearer as the day goes, more water like, depending on what you eat and drink. I have also done some fasts, using urine and water, for more intense healing. Any that I don’t drink, I collect in glass jugs, demi-john, and glass bottles. You cover it with cloth, so that it can breathe and it evolves and becomes a more potent healer. I bathe in evolved urine and do body rubs. I have one bottle, that is great for tooth abscesses.
Mark my husband used it when he was in terrible pain and couldn’t reach the dentist, one drop took the pain away instantly. Each time the pain came back he would put another drop on the tooth, it was amazing. Within 5 days it was healed and he hasn’t had a problem from the tooth again. He does foot soaks with evolved too, he gets itchy dry skin and it heals it wonderfully.
After Mark started to see my transformation, he too took up drinking his urine and always says he’s never looked back. Since he was young he had all sorts of problems with the veins in his legs, they used to ache all the time, now he hardly has any leg pain and it has settled his mind down, he’s happier. It’s truly Wonderful

I’ve not been as consistent as last time with the urine therapy when I had about five doses on Monday, and missed Tuesday as I gagged while drinking, but the cough and runny nose is getting irritating now, so I’ve had two shots already and amazingly the coughing fits have lessened. I had a shot during the night and managed to get a few hours of sleep. I might take my next few doses in fruit juice.

I am used to the judgements for sharing this information on a topic that is controversial, but if you search urine therapy on the main search engines, you will find opposition on the first page. How do these people TRULY know unless they have tried it for themselves.

Most people will never try urine therapy because they still believe it’s a waste product without researching it for themselves and reading the testimonies, more here, and here of those who have treated themselves with it. All I’m saying is, don’t judge before you know for yourself. There is also a free PDF of Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha M Christy.

I am a Christian. My Saviour is Jesus Christ. If you want to know how to be eternally saved, just click on this link: THE GOSPEL BOOKLET – HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN BY RON SHEA

Just like Christian cancer sufferers will advocate chemotherapy and radiotherapy for their treatment and it’s deemed perfectly acceptable and normal, why should Christians not promote urine therapy in the same way? I cannot understand the suppression. It’s free, doesn’t cost anything, and might just help.

urine therapy universal remedy

I tried the above universal remedy too by purchasing some dropper bottles, but it’s far easier for me and less fiddly to drink a shot of mid stream fresh urine to kill this cough. PLUS, the above urine therapy universal remedy is absolutely tasteless.

If you have tried urine therapy and it has worked for you to treat/cure your ailment, please share your testimony. I want this post to be positive and one to help others, not to hinder them. Please do not comment if you have not tried this practice or believe it to be toxic. There are numerous free resources in this post stating the opposite.

Disclaimer: Urine therapy does not have FDA approval against what the testimonials in these books/videos /websites cite. Conduct your own research beforehand.

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