October 22, 2022 from Who is Robert Malone

By: Tyson Illingworth

The Australian medical and health system has failed me and is now actively destroying the right to choose a treatment and the Doctor/Patient relationship - and what is concerning is they are now coming for you too. 


My name is Tyson Illingworth, and I am an award winning, international DJ, composer, songwriter, and sound designer. The music industry and my fans know me by my artist’s name ‘TYDI’, and I have been a musician/composer for 20 years, and I’m only 35. Music is one of the most important and powerful things in my life and I am eternally grateful that I get to live my dream. I wake up every day excited about creating music for my millions of fans and clients around the world.

Never in my wildest dreams or more precisely my nightmares did I expect that I would find myself where I am today, instead of touring and being interviewed for my latest show, track or album, I am receiving daily media invitations to talk about my fight to regain my health after being injured and paralyzed by the Moderna vaccine. 

It is important to know that I am pro-evidence-based science and thought the vaccine was safe for me. I believed whole heartedly that I was doing “the right thing” by getting vaccinated. I had complete faith and trust in my country’s (Australia) leadership and medical system – that is until I suffered a severe adverse reaction that left me helpless, paralyzed, and with no help from doctors or my government. 

Before the pandemic hit, I lived in California for ten years, and like many others in 2021, I soon found my life came to a standstill and I had to move back to Australia. In October that same year I received my first vaccination. Within days I started to feel severe and unbearable shooting pain and paralysis in my hands and feet. I contacted a globally well-respected spinal surgeon for advice, and his reply scared me like nothing before: “This can only be evidence of a catastrophic Neurological failure”. 

Shortly afterward, I was rushed to hospital where I stayed for 2 weeks. I was in disbelief and became depressed because I couldn’t believe the vaccine could do this to me, especially when we were all told it was safe and effective and if there was a reaction it would be minor. If this was not enough, whilst in hospital, I was under the care of a highly rude, and dismissive neurologist who repeatedly told me “There is no way this is the vaccine”. Over time my condition worsened; I asked the doctors at the hospital if I would ever walk ‘properly’ again, and they would not give me an answer because they were perplexed too. It was a surreal and lonely experience learning how to walk again, I had no one to turn to who could understand me and give me answers. 

Before I was released from hospital the neurologist strongly advised me to get a second vaccine and said, “if you don’t get the second one, the first will be redundant.” I acted on the neurologist’s advice and ended up taking the second vaccine only a month after my first one, in hindsight I cannot believe I listened to her as I have always thought of myself as a critical thinker and instead, I took advice from a doctor who had no regard for my personal situation, she refused to listen to me and has been disingenuous.

Shortly after the second shot my injuries were further exacerbated and I was unable to move, my hands felt like they were on fire, and I struggled to get through the day. I was rushed to hospital once again, and I thought my life was over,  there was no hope for me… Well, not just yet.  

In January of 2022 I ended up catching COVID-19. I woke up at around 3.50am gasping to breath, fearing for my life I called 000 and said, “if you don’t get to me now, I will die”. An ambulance arrived quickly, and I was rushed to the ER. From there I was taken to a COVID ward where I would spend the next two weeks struggling to breathe, fighting fevers, and shaking and crawling to the bathroom with no help. Even though I often cried for help, I heard the nurses laughing and talking in the hallway. Hours would pass and when I was unable to take the pain anymore, I would hobble to the door to my room, open it and was immediately met with a loud scream from nurses- “SHUT THE F******* DOOR, YOU ARE A BIOHAZARD”. This is not the Australia I know, and it was heartbreaking to witness nurses and doctors treating vulnerable patients in this way. I was not alone, they abandoned everyone who was in the COVID ward.

I honestly do not know how I made it through those two weeks in isolation. I clearly remember looking out my window an enormous palm tree, every day I would watch it moving in the wind, it was strong and steadfast and yet no matter how hard the wind blew it stood firm and resolute, something about that tree gave me a tiny speck of hope. Day by day I felt weaker, and I thought I was dying. I called my loved ones and although they were supportive, nobody could fully understand how dire my situation had become. 

By a miracle, I am grateful I survived, however the combination of my vaccine injury and getting COVID took me into a dark abyss for a period of time and all I know is this; I now have permanent degeneration of my spinal cord. I wake up every day in agony, and I require high doses of pain killers to function adequately. The Australian medical and health system is quick to demolish the reputation of anyone who questions the vaccines or suggests other safe drugs. In Australia during COVID, a patient’s right to choose a treatment that was best for them was and is still denied. However, the medical system willfully turns a blind eye to the Opioid crisis and continuing increases in addiction and deaths.

The type of injury and condition I have been diagnosed with is called Neuropathy. So here are some facts:

1. I continue to suffer severe ongoing pain due to Neuropathy and neurological nerve damage due to the Moderna Spike Vax. 

2. Neuropathy / Nerve Damage is a known side effect of the Moderna Spike Vax. 

3. Neuropathy was not listed on any of my consent forms. 

4. In Australia doctors are investigated and disciplined if they confirm in writing that a COVID vaccine has caused a patient injury. I had 5 different doctors confirm that my condition was caused by the vaccine, and they all said they cannot go on record.

5. One would think that when a patient presents with severe Neurological issues in hospital a specialist would think first, "I will do no harm and disclose the risk” and then choose not to give that patient the advice to get another shot so soon after the last one. The information about Neurological side effects was available to every clinician at the time, a simple Google search would have revealed this. 

6. In Australia if a doctor has been negligent or a patient has been mistreated or misdiagnosed, they can lodge a complaint to AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Agency), the HCCC (Health Care Complaints Commission - NSW) and the Queensland Health Ombudsman.

7. I submitted a formal complaint against the neurologist and both pharmacists who vaccinated me to QLD Health Ombudsman. In their reply to me, the Health Ombudsman acknowledged that my doctor advised me to get a second vaccine, despite being injured. Unfortunately, in Australia if you report to the regulator any doctor, nurse or pharmacist who have caused you harm through either advising to get vaccinated or administering the vaccine they are not investigated or disciplined because they are conveniently indemnified. 

8. In Australia the government has set up a vaccine injury scheme, however it  is extremely complex and difficult to lodge a claim with and to get compensated is near impossible. Despite having a strong case, every lawyer I have spoken to is frightened of being targeted. Now that the scheme has been widened and the government is acknowledging that some adverse reactions are not rare, more lawyers are coming forward, however lawyers are expensive, and this will mean many people will miss out on compensation. 

9. I realize this may be upsetting for some of you who saw what was going on and I ask for your understanding as I unfortunately did not see it and now, I must live with this for the rest of my life. That is why I want to right a wrong as I do not want anyone to go through what I am going through.

Not all doctors in Australia are like the neurologist in the hospital, many are willing to help patients. So far, I have shared the obstacles a vaccine injured patient faces and sadly the story gets worse where Australian governments are legislating laws where they will actively interfere with doctors’ ability to practice. The state of Queensland has now passed legislation which fundamentally changes the doctor - patient relationship in Australia by inhibiting the doctor’s and health practitioner’s ability to provide information so that a patient can give informed consent and the health practitioner can disclose risks and adhere to their Hippocratic Oath and code of conduct as set out by AHPRA.

I refer to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, that just passed in my state of Queensland, and soon to be adopted Australia wide: The changes proposed would give the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Medical Board of Australia the power to sanction doctors for expressing their professional opinion based on their assessment of the best available science and if it undermines public confidence in health and safety. 

“The proposed change to the National Law significantly interferes with the doctor/patient relationship and is potentially disastrous for patient care”, said CEO of the Australian Medical Network Dijana Dragomirovic.

Comparably, California recently passed legislation. Although the pandemic has been declared "over," the state of California did not receive the memo. Bill AB 2098 was signed into law on Sept 30, 2022. Its powers could impose career-ending penalties on doctors who use their own training and experience to treat patients or express a different opinion that goes against government health consensus. This law has the potential to devastate the medical profession and stifle innovation. 

“The field of medicine is constantly evolving. It is continuously shaped by new trends and data. No one doctor, or politician, has the exclusive right to innovative concepts. Instead of threatening to rob individuals of their livelihood, society should be encouraging people to come forwards with innovative new ideas” - Dijana Dragomirovic

The FLCCC team are lobbying hard in the US and California, Dr. Paul Marik adds to the chorus of voices calling on California's governor, Gavin Newsom, to axe this law that would criminalize doctors for spreading "misinformation." 

I would like to thank CEO Dijana Dragomirovic, the team and the entire Australian Medical Network for working tirelessly to support and protect every Australian’s health rights. They have been raising awareness and lobbying against these laws. As soon as I realised the long-term implications of these laws, I knew it was an important part of my story and that I needed to help raise awareness too. When others would turn me away, Dijana stood by me and was instrumental in helping me obtain the right medical treatment and legal support. 

Please do not let this attack on free speech and the right to choose to go further, it only leads to one thing, totalitarianism. I’m worried for the ones out there like me, who may fall for the same trap and never get help. 

Since when was it a crime to disagree?


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