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  • if the brand new car you are driving your kids to school every day had a 5% chance of having a variety of issues with brakes, ranging from lower braking efficacy to fully ineffective.

  • if every 6 months that risk is increased by 5%. After 2 years, there’s 1 chance out of 4 (22.6% to be precise) that you’d have problems with your brakes at any moment!

  • if 95% of cars - because of a design flaw in braking technology - would have issues

  • if you saw regularly car crashing on the road, ending in the ditch, or running over people…

Trust is key with automobiles. The driving experience would become quite scary. A sort of Russian Roulette on wheels. No normal decent parent would ever take the risk of driving with kids.

Evidently the mainstream media would be all over this! So would Politicians!

Now, substitute “car” with “COVID vaccine… that’s what we have been living through for the past 2 years, at least for those who have decided to have the vaccine repeatedly with the exception of MSM and politicians…

Inadvertent Intravenous Injections are Common

In a recent article titled “Another one bites the dust”, I highlighted that several scientific studies12 have already determined that experienced nurses, injecting in the muscle, often injected accidentally intravascularly despite using the aspiration technique (intended to avoid that risk).

Unfortunately, rare are those who understand the significance of this finding. Indeed, many are unaware that researchers already undertook testing vaccines intravenously on mice for both the Pfizer3 and the AstraZeneca4 vaccines, and found them harmful (myopericarditis, liver damage, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, necrosis…see below) even if injected slowly (we know that a bolus is more dangerous because of the added concentration it brings). A 2010 study5 of adenovirus vector IV injection had already shown clotting, vasculitis, liver damage and anaphylactic shock. This is not new….

Intravenous Injections of COVID Vaccine have Proven Harmful in Studies

So We Know …

-... at least 2%, and very likely 5+%, of vaccinated received an intravascular injection accidentally each time they got a COVID vaccine shot -... COVID vaccines harm when injected intravenously, producing thrombosis, myopericarditis, thrombocytopenia, liver damage and more... -... a rapid push on the plunger (by protocol) would have created a bolus after injection triggering further severity of harm-... all the clinical signs of injuries are there, consistent with this established knowledge-In conclusion, COVID vaccines have likely harmed at least 270 million, possibly as high as 680 million people.

The imaginary “braking disaster” has happened in real life - at a global scale - with COVID vaccines … the only differences are the media just don’t care and hardly anybody is trying to fix this.

As often in major catastrophes a combination of small apparently harmless details is the root causes of massive consequences like a Big Bang. This is all happening because of two small protocol details: no aspiration + a quick push of the seringue plunger. The automotive industry could teach a lesson or two to Public Health and the Pharma industry, because when you decide to inject the world every detail counts…

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British Medical Journal  by Kevin Bardosh1,2, Alex de Figueiredo3, Rachel Gur-Arie et al. Abstract Vaccination policies have shifted dramatically during COVID-19 with the rapid emergence of population-wide vaccine mandates, domestic vaccine passports and differential restrictions based on vaccination status. While these policies have prompted ethi
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