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Election Fraud Infrastructure: Your Government At Work!
Guest post by Jay Valentine

There is nothing so unnerving as government-initiated election fraud, perpetrated by both political parties, hiding in plain sight.  This is the world we live in — the one Republicans are about to encounter.

The most basic ingredient for industrial-scale voter fraud is the voter roll, fat with phantom names and addresses.  Someone may be able to transport 250,000 paper ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, leave the truck in the parking lot, and find it gone when he returns.

Those ballots are useless paper if not tied to an identity at a real address.

The hard part is creating people and addresses — it is an industrial-scale operation.

Just think how hard it would be for you and your pals to create 250,000 fake names and tie each to a real address.

You need to create those voters — the way the pros do — which leaves out the Republicans.  Make it government work.

Here’s how it’s done.

Arizona, a state with a Republican governor and Republican legislature at the time, has a nice little law to help out.  Go look this baby up.  Basically, it says, hey, all you “non-partisan” NGOs (non-governmental agencies), want to register voters?  Heres a portal to do it.  Just log on, enter at least 1,000 new voters, and you are good to go.

What could go wrong?  Kari Lake, maybe?

RINOs are easily swayed about getting everyone to vote — you can see the League of Women Voter types making such an argument.


Let’s not pick on Arizona.  In Wisconsin, those boys and girls created an app.  That’s really hip.

Our Fractal friends in Wisconsin discovered a downloadable phone app, on the App Store, tied to the Wisconsin Election Commission, to register new voters.

And register away they did!

Our Fractal analysts have eyewitness accounts of people standing at gas stations registering Wisconsin voters as they filled up their cars.

Do you think Ronna McDaniel’s team was at those gas stations, or maybe Mark Elias’s friends and fans?  C’mon, want to bet on who used that app?

As clueless Republicans rally to their new charter — “let’s start tracking those ballots, like the Democrats do,” they run headlong into “sovereign voter fraud,” which means the government, at every level, is in on it.

State governments like Arizona and Wisconsin, quite different in so many ways, agree they should enable voter rolls to be fattened by anyone who wants to take the time to do it.

Our live data, in both states, show voter rolls with 10% to 18% anomalous records — meaning there is something to check out.  We get into exactly what at our website, www.Omega4America.com.

Both states agree that there should be no serious voter roll clean-up.

In Wisconsin, they have far more registrations on the rolls than there are voters.  They keep their inactives, even if they are dead.  Never know when the dead or moved might come in handy.

Arizona lets people vote from R.V. parks — the kind where it’s a week’s stay.  Arizona lets people vote from “no address.”

We found 8,000 people in Arizona registered at hotels.  In most states, that’s a disqualifier.  Not in Arizona.  The state encourages it.

People, the government is in on it!

Remember, Arizona had a Republican legislature and governor.  If you think RINOs do not cause Republicans to lose elections, welcome to Arizona.

Democrats learned long ago that the secret to winning elections was fattened voter rolls.  It started with ACORN — which was so over-the-top obvious that it got busted.

Those ACORN types then did what leftists always do: join with their media friends and RINOs and made registering every living thing a government-driven enterprise.

They brought in George Soros and created ERIC — an organization giving cover to recalcitrant secretaries of state on voter roll fattening.  Using ERIC, states can claim, and write checks to prove that they are fighting phantom voters through ERIC.

Louisiana and Alabama woke up — they tossed ERIC the first time they read about it at The GatewayPundit!  Good for them!  Twenty-nine other states still use ERIC — many of them Republican.

Aha, but clever voter integrity teams are innovating fast themselves.

Non-leftist voter integrity was pretty much born after the Trump election disaster.

After 2020, voter integrity teams appeared from nowhere.  They are now in their third year, and some of them, like Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Florida, are way ahead of the leftist voter-harvesting machines.  We have the pleasure of knowing some of them.

The RNC, major political campaigns, and the Republican leadership believe they can get ahead of the institutionalized voter fraud in 2024.  They think they can outrun it by a “ballot strategy” and getting Republicans to vote early.

Don’t email me on this — I know, it’s truly stupid.  It’s the Republicans.  What do you expect?

Voter integrity teams have some pretty cool surprises.

One of the most promising, going into production in Nevada and Wisconsin, is comparing county property tax records with voter rolls.

Here we have two government databases that do not agree on whether your address — which you claimed is your house at that gas station registration — is actually a convenience store!

Look, here it is — your home address is a 7-Eleven!

Since we can determine the living space for every home, we alert the teams to 14 voters in that 800-square-foot home with one bath.  Check it out!

Another innovation is the “unmailable address list.”  This one is fun, since it just popped out of the woodwork with 12 states in 2022.

Using artificial intelligence address-matching, something way beyond current commercial technology, we determine which addresses can receive mail and which cannot — at scale — as in millions of addresses — instantly.

We have over 1.7 billion addresses in our system.

Every address in America can be shown multiple ways — with abbreviations, misspellings, so you get to the billions pretty fast.  Which are real, fake, misspellings, abbreviations?  We can tell.

Which address can receive a mail ballot?  Is that address being mailed a ballot — even though it is an undeliverable address?

Addresses are fluid, new addresses are added, sometimes entire fake streets made up and ZIP codes changed — then changed back.  It is a real time – a constant endeavor.

Fractal Programming does it in seconds, across billions of records, on a computer the size of a shoebox.

To stop the massive election fraud built into U.S. election systems, people must realize that most of the fraud is government-sponsored, supported, or tolerated.

The winning strategy is to stop it before it impacts elections.  Clean those voter rolls.

Imagination, leadership, and a bit of disruptive technology, and we might just get there for 2024!

Jay can be reached at www.Omega4America.com.  Jay’s Twitter account is @jayvalentine99.  Jay led the team that built the eBay fraud detection system and the underlying technology in the TSA No-Fly List.

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