November 07, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Injecting Children with the mRNA COVID Gene Injection – or Any of the COVID Injections – Can be Very Damaging to Their Developing Innate Immune System.

We have written extensively on the increased deaths in young people, e.g here, particularly, and the elephant in the room causation that is the covid-19 jab program. This real life horror movie is covered in a new post by resarcher Peter Halligan, one of many analysts who has followed the UK government’s official monthly stats with morbid fascination and dread. 

Our title above is that of a vitally important and straightforward plea to parents by Dr Paul Alexander, to understand the risks posed to developing immune systems by Covid-19 injections. An expert in epidemiology and evidence based medicine, university professor and member of the Whitehouse Covid-19 Taskforce in the early days of the pandemic, Dr Alexander left Washington after seeing how medical politics was clearly trumping good science.

He makes a demand to stop the rollouts NOW and adds his voice to authorities in immunology such as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Geert Vanden Bossche and many others who despair at the lack of basic questions that should have been answered before attempting to mass jab the world’s children, at great risk to developing immune systems. In our view, Pharma and it’s revolving-door regulators and lapdog politicians are throwing Molotov cocktails into school buses – and now expect to walk away with a ‘Whoops Amnesty’ as the debris hits the ground.

Dr Alexander explains as best he can for parents that the jabs were predicted, correctly, to damage developing immune systems, provoke endless variants and set our kids up for increased vulnerability to other infections. Last October, he profiled many studies that together proved the vaccines were failing.

NZDSOS continues to call out this ‘Crime against Humanity’, and present the evidence.  Our immunologist (now just retired after a lifetime of experience) makes the following coincidental commentary about a new study from Qatar (see a less geeky pre-digested version here) that shows that the boosted have damaged protection against re-infection with Omicron variants compared to people with just one or two doses. It dovetails nicely with Dr Alexander’s comments.

He tells us: “There is a lot more going on in this paper than the headlines or the paper are saying. Take-home message was boosted are twice as likely to get re-infected than double-jabbed. They say it is likely due to immune imprinting (true) but I worry far more that we have immune exhaustion/depletion or some other compromised immunity (dulled innate immunity) rather than merely a redirected immunity from imprinting. It’s starting to get very complicated as to exactly what is going on but none of it is good. (I see that the young and usually bulletproof are going down with pathogens all over the ‘vaccinated world’).

“They argue immune imprinting had been ruled out for Omicron: BA.1 but that is false. Cao et al and Reynolds et al have confirmed with definitive studies. So this is the researchers inflating the importance of their findings through selective presentation of previous reports – everyone in science does it to be honest . Imprinting is Immunology 101. It gobsmacks me that we have had experts deny it or its potential consequences. Now the literature is awash and rediscovering what we should have already known.

“Interestingly they do show vaccination seems to give some short term (as we know)  protection against infection from BA.4/BA.5 relative to unvaxxed, so variant and infection history is important as vaccination clearly did not protect against BA.1/BA.2. This tallies with hybrid immune studies which show history is crucial. Booster works against some variants but not others (Reynolds et al).

“This is where government doctors will try to state the vaccine reduces infections without mentioning the nuances. They did the same thing with the Hong Kong outbreak earlier this year and their use of that outbreak to support vaccination was intellectually dishonest in my opinion.

“But this same Qatari group published elsewhere, supported in this study, that recovered unvaccinated are better protected from severe disease and hospitalization, that it is a more robust and durable immunity and it doesn’t suffer from the same issues of waning as for the vaccinated.”

Thankyou, doctor. We concur. And note this Qatar study author’s comment: “most infections are diagnosed not because of symptoms, but because of routine testing”; and that no-one in any group, including the unjabbed, got badly ill or died. The same Qatari group have shown that any protection for kids against omicron is gone by 4 months. Here is a twitter thread  on this study by researcher and medical doctor Tracy Hoeg, who has proven too that more teen boys are harmed by even dose 1 than suffer severe covid-19 illness. 

Finally, our immunologist has given the following opinion elsewhere but  agrees it is a useful summary here, and a warning. Please, parents especially, take note and try to understand the risks to your children’s developing  immune systems, and having done so you will know more than many of the ‘experts’ making these irrevocable decisions for our young ones.

We acknowledge that some of this is wordy and seems complex, but there are government scientists who seem to struggle with this basic immunology, or are compelled to ignore it, and yet are making irrevocable decisions for our children that  might scar them for life. The precautionary principle must apply, and the rollout be halted immediately.

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