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What Explains the Extraordinary High Increase in Excess Deaths Following Covid Vaccination?

Google Translated from the Norwegian:

“The emergency departments at the hospitals are filled up and no one understands why:
People die in road traffic accidents, experienced motorcyclists drive off the road, drivers lose control and end up in oncoming lanes, all for “unexplained” reasons.
Healthy young people die without any obvious cause. SADS they call it. Insurance companies report unlikely increases in payments after able-bodied people in their prime suddenly die.
In Portugal, the general death rate this year is up 25 percent compared to the average of the last five years – and that is not due to covid. The Minister of Health characterizes a request from the press based on the Public Access to Information Act, for insight into non-graded administrative documents after January 2020, as “obviously excessive, insulting and not feasible”, and takes the chance of a trial to avoid informing the public.
In Norway, Erna Solberg wanted 100 years of secrecy of the authorities’ corona handling.
Research which detects unfortunate and also fatal consequences of vaccines and pandemic measures, is a virtually non-topic in the public conversation. Nor do analyzes of the vaccine manufacturers’ own data, even when they show that the covid vaccine is more deadly than the disease itself for people under the age of 50, arouse the interest of the “critical” press.
In the United States, President Joe Biden announced a few days ago that they are the first country in the world to offer “safe and effective covid 19 vaccines” for children as young as six months old. In Denmark, they have registered up to a 1000 percent increase in heart disease among boys aged 11–15.
Only Document has written that the leader of the European pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar has been arrested, accused of having falsified his covid 19 vaccination status.
Are there dark numbers here? Are those who have pushed mass vaccination of the people themselves vaccinated – or have they been as wise as Professor José María Fernández Sousa-Faro and taken a saline injection?
Confidence in the authorities is so thin now that it is difficult to hold back such questions.
In Norway, the authorities warn against anti-state attitudes and fear “pandemic violence” due to “conspiracy theories” about the corona.
“In a few years we will have a police force that can show you that we are right,” Albert Camus wrote in the fabulous novel “The Fall.” To prove that the Norwegian authorities are right, they investigate themselves and they have a regime press as well as the moral police Faktisk.no who can actually make mistakes themselves.
George Orwell called it “new speech” in his dystopian novel “1984”: Linguistic adaptation of reality in the beneficial image of those in power.
The emergency capacity at the hospitals has exploded after the pandemic and it is either silent about the causes or they are covered as best they can.

St. Olav’s hospital in Trondheim is on yellow alert after having a record number of visits since May. Had the cause been covid, it would have caused 24-hour anxiety-promoting coverage of the media.
There are heart problems, infections, paralysis. The phenomenon is global and is covered up by politicians and hospital management in part by referring to the corona, says a source at Akershus University Hospital who does not want his name in print.
Last out is the University Hospital in Stavanger, which due to an acute aging wave (sic!) Is putting in extraordinary measures, according to NRK:
Some of the patients have covid-19, but that is not the main challenge. These are all sorts of diagnoses. Pneumonia. Hip fracture. Myocardial infarction. There is an increase in everything that can lead to the need for immediate help and hospitalization. We have not previously experienced such an increase in patients who need immediate help, says director Eldar Søreide at the University Hospital in Stavanger.
We ask some questions that the state’s own media channel fails to ask:
NRK’s journalist does not suffer from anti-state delusions. He therefore does not ask whether the number of emergency calls increased after the closure of society. He does not ask whether there may be a connection between the experimental mass vaccination and the aging wave that has acutely affected the hospital.
He does not ask how it is that the aging wave is acute, it takes a lifetime to grow old. Is it not also increased morbidity among the elderly that is behind it? In the event of increased morbidity, what can come of it?
He also does not ask whether the increase in hip fractures can be due to older people, such as athletes, getting malaise after the covid vaccination.
We have several reports of athletes who have had heart problems and / or their careers ruined after the vaccination. Is it conceivable that heart problems are also increasing in the population as a whole?
There have been reports that the covid vaccine reduces the overall immune system. Is there a connection between the vaccine and infections / pneumonia / reduced immune system?
The vaccine may cause inflammatory hyperresponse in the lungs. Can connections be seen with pneumonia there?
The gene codes from the vaccine instruct the cells to produce nail proteins that can damage epithelial cells – could it be that acute hospitalizations for pneumonia are therefore associated with the vaccine?
Is vaccination status noted at admission? In the event of a discrepancy between the number of vaccinated / unvaccinated with an immediate need for medical help?
Is there an equal distribution between men and women?
Elephant in the room? NRK also does not ask whether it is taboo to suggest connections between experimental vaccination of the population and increased morbidity.”

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