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PCR test rod particles can act like asbestos in the body

The experimental physicist and biomaterial researcher Dr Antonietta Gatti examined various PCR test rods under the microscope and analysed their ingredients. Antonietta M. Gatti, Ph.D. is also the coordinator of the Italian Institute of Technology’s Project of Nanoecotoxicology, called INESE.

The irritating result: the PCR test swabs are made of hard materials and contain a variety of (nano) particles made of silver, aluminium, titanium, glass fibres ect, many of which are undeclared in the package leaflet. When they enter the mucous membrane, they can cause wounds and inflammation, the scientist said. ENT doctors told 2020News that they are finding more hardened mucous membranes in people who are often tested for SARS-CoV-2. No longer intact mucous membranes can no longer fulfil their task of repelling viruses, bacteria and fungi before they reach the airways, as the pediatrician Eugen Janzen also reports. The germs thus penetrate into the airways without any immune filter. Particularly problematic in this context: the warm breath moisture under the masks is the ideal breeding ground for germs of all kinds.

Prof. Gatti has analyzed in the laboratory various types of smear swabs used for the collection of human organic material for PCR diagnostics using electron microscopy (ESEM and EDS) to check the morphology and chemical composition.

Biocomma test sticks

For Prof. Gatti, a “cotton” stick from Biocomma in Shenzhen, China, could not determine whether it was made of carbon or cotton. The dirt in the product consisted of calcium corbonate, stainless steel or silicates.

Manta test sticks

A brush-like test stick from Manta, China, had a variety of broken fibers. Carbon, oxygen, silicone, zirconium, sulfur, aluminum, titanium and sodium were found as components of the sample.

Biocomma Test Sticks II

Another swab from Biocomma seemed to consist of fiberglass or at least a coating of fiberglass. Components were carbon, oxygen, aluminum, silicone and titanium. It could not be ruled out that an additional coating consisted of organic materials.

FLOQSwab® made of nylon®

The tip of the applicator of another test stick – FLOQSwabs® – was coated with short nylon® fibers arranged vertically. FLOQSwabs® have no inner core to enclose the sample.

Prof. Gatti writes: “The company explains that the fiber core is made of nylon with a coating of a patented material that turns out to be silicate-zirconium titanium in the analysis. This coating makes the fiber harder so that it is able to tear the mucous membrane. There is a possibility that the pressure applied to the smear maneuvers may break some fibers that remain in situ. If this is the case, they can cause a foreign body reaction that can damage the mucous membrane in such a way that breathing and speech are hindered.”

Picture of the swab neck

According to Prof. Gatti’s analysis, the small white dots on the image of the swab neck are silver nanoparticles: “Silver is a material that is not declared in the manufacturer’s data sheet.”

Prof. Gatti comes to the following conclusions:

“The “porcupine” swabs are made of hard fibers. If they scrape on the nasal mucosa, they can damage it, causing a bleeding lesion or, in any case, tissue trauma.

During the healing process of the mucous membrane, the broken fibers can penetrate the tissue without any possibility of removing them, thus causing the formation of a granuloma or fibrotic tissue, as happens with any foreign body.

The medical devices examined are not fully biocompatible and therefore do not meet the requirements of ISO 10993 and the tests required to obtain the CE mark.


  • Some swabs are dangerous for the nasal-throat mucosa. The glass-like fibers, hard and brittle, can scratch the mucous membrane and produce lesions. Bleeding is an expression of the invasiveness of the test.
  • Repeated tests with smears can cause chronic lesions. The release of fragments of brittle glass-like fibers can cause biological reactions such as granulomas and/or fibrosis of the tissue.
  • These reductions pose a risk to the health of infants and children. If the tests are necessary, Prof. Gatti says, small and mild smears must be carried out in children.

Results from another independent test on PCR swabs in Slovakia.

In Slovakia, in an unnamed hospital laboratory from Bratislava, another independent lab test was done to determine the material on the PCR swab which determined Darpa patented hydrogel, lithium and nylon.

”After spawning a mixture of nylon fiber fragments, Darpa Hydrogel remains on the nasal mucosa under the pituitary and pineal gland along with lithium. This mixture immediately reacts with living structures to form crystals that are directionally oriented to the pineal gland, which has its own electromagnetic field. The shape of the crystals determines the type of hydrogel used. The crystals are conductive due to the lithium contained in it. The crystals can receive the signal from the transmitter to the cell and transmit signals from the cell to the transmitter. These are actually nano-antennas.”

  • Figure 1 and 2 Nylon hollow fibers at the broken end of test swabs.
  • Figure 3. For comparison, a picture of a classic cotton wool under a microscope.
  • Figure 4 and 5 Broken-shaped ends to disrupt the epithelium (surface layer) on the mucosa, thereby also their breakage and subsequent leaching of the fiber content – Darpa Hydrogel and Lithium. The threads are patented [by Darpa].
  • Figure 6 Longitudinally open fiber with broken end and Darpa Hydrogel content balls.
  • Figure 7. On the slide, after mechanical manipulation, which is identical to the swab nasopharyngeal material that contains crushed nylon fibers, hydrogel and lithium. This material remains in the nasopharynx after spawning.
  • Figure 8 and 9. Darpa Hydrogel beads that form the content of hollow nylon fibers.
  • Figure 10 to 11. After contact of the Darpa Hydrogel with organic fluids (e.g., saliva), within a few minutes they begin to form rectangular crystal structures. These gradually grow in a fractal manner.

  • Figure 12. Result of crystallization after 24 hours.
  • Figure 13. These Darpa Hydrogel Crystals create a 3D spatial structure and grow through the tissues.
  • Figure 14. Darpa Hydrogel Crystals grow under the microscope in the direction of the magnetic field. In the human nasopharynx after swabs grow towards the pineal gland. The pineal gland creates a locally stronger magnetic field than the Earth ‘s external magnetic field.
  • Figure 15 and 16. Natural crystallization of saliva without Darpa Hydrogel. Crystals do not create 3D spatial models and do not even form rectangular structures and do not grow in a fractal way.
  • Figure 18. Effect of saliva of a human who overcame COVID naturally and has antibodies. Such saliva was added to the left side of the structures in Figure 17 and came almost immediately to the permanent disintegration of Darpa Hydrogel Crystal structures.

  • Figure 19. Ivermectin was added to the right side of the structures in Figure 17 and occurred immediately to the complete and permanent disappearance of the Darpa Hydrogel Crystal structures. This clearly shows what Ivermectin has an incredibly strong effect against what makes Darpa Hydrogel in our organisms.

  • Figure 20. Normal live red blood cells
  • Figure 21. Addition of Darpa Hydrogel from the test rod resulted in total massacre of red blood cells.
  • Figure 22. Darpa Hydrogel forms blood clots within a few seconds. These subsequently damage and clog blood vessels
Go to Nutritruth to see more and read their article and follow their links

‘Lithium is an element (reference to Li) that does not occur naturally in humans. It is highly toxic to the pineal gland influence. In low doses it blocks it and in higher doses it can completely destroy it. Aluminum and mercury also have toxic effects on the pineal gland, which are widely used in vaccines. The pineal gland produces serotonin (a hormone of happiness) and controls human biorhythms. It is crucial for higher brain activity (creativity, foresight, sixth sense, etc.) and for social interactions of man”.

”Darpa Hydrogel and lithium block and destroy the pineal gland and cause the thinking person to become a controllable biorobot. A hydrogel is a carrier of an active substance, its task is to get the substance into the body at a pre-desired place.”

According to the medical research, Ivermectin, a nobel prize winning medicine, can be used to dissolve the hydrogel crystals. Interesting how Ivermectin has been so vehemently suppressed even though Dr Kory testified on its success rate of helping save lives of COVID patients, many other doctors attest to Ivermectin’s ability to prevent Covid symptoms getting worse.

This is why PCR tests despite their great erroneous false positives and lack of gold standard are a preference by the governments, instead of other antigen tests. If this isn’t disturbing enough, the tests also contain ethylene oxide, used as a pesticide in agriculture and causes cancer. These ingredients are not without reason. Not for safeguarding our health, rather causing more harm and destroying our natural mucosa membrane leaving us more susceptible to further viral infection, additionally it appears the hydrogel is causing blood clots in the blood vessels.

Please follow the work of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, World Doctors Alliance, and America’s Frontline Doctors to find out more.

Sources and Credits

2020 News Translated from German to English

Thanks also to Doctor Peter Moloney Foundation on twitter, we pray your account is not taken down by Communist Big Tech for sharing this important information

Last photos credit to Slovakia hospital laboratory of unamed hospital in Bratislava and featured in -Analysis of test sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic –

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Please feel free to add further science journal links below in the comments

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