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Recapping two very strange years and the brighter future that awaits

Cultures periodically find themselves in collective psychoses. Some like Tulip mania (where tulip flowers became the most valuable commodity in existence) in retrospect are rather comical, while others like the Salem witch trials and the earlier medieval witch hunts are quite horrifying.

The idea of burning of witches alive has permeated quite deeply into the collective consciousness of our culture. My medical practice tends to draw critical thinkers who question narratives, and quite a few female patients have told me they remember (e.g., due to a past life regression) that they had been a witch who was burned at the stake for their heretical beliefs.

The subject of witch hunts has been on my mind recently after I discovered one of the world’s leading vaccine proponents who advocates for campaigns for censoring any questions of the narrative is a fan of a priest who oversaw the Salem Witch Trials. This admiration was a result of that priest also being one of the first (and hated) proponents of mandatory vaccination.

I have a friend who had a spiritual awakening that allowed him to survive the Rwandan Genocide (one of the best contemporary examples of how bloodthirsty humans can become) while everyone around him died. Another colleague who has been fighting the mandates recently spoke with a survivor of the Rwandan genocide who left him with a very powerful message: the killing didn’t really start until the government got behind it and let everyone know it was ok to butcher their neighbors.

One of the things that has been so concerning about the pandemic has been the government stepping across that critical line to encourage violence against its own citizens (which the mainstream media has been all too happy to egg on).

Most recently, we had the World Health Organization put this out:

These types of actions are completely unacceptable in any type of Democratic society. A few of us were inspired to spend the holidays crafting responses to it, since if these lies go unchecked, they can lead to very bad things very quickly, like those observed in the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century.

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Who is the real mass murderer: Peter Hotez or Steve Kirsch?
Executive summary The WHO and Dr. Peter Hotez recently issued statements accusing anyone with concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines of being mass murderers and called for governments around the world to take action against them. Dr. Peter Hotez apparently believes one is guilty until proven innocent…

One of the best ways to combat evil is through comedy. Fortunately, when societies become sufficiently insane, you don’t have to do anything besides highlight is already being said (one well-known Twitter account came to prominence for doing just that), and the insanity is often widely recognized after it has passed.

One of my favorite examples where this is now widely recognized was the medical professions attitudes towards smoking, which has gone from something they aggressively promoted for their sponsors to something they resolutely oppose.

Tess shared a few other classic examples here.

There were a few red flags with COVID-19 that informed me the vaccines would turn into a disaster. One was that their publicity campaign was the most aggressive public relations effort I had seen in my lifetime—every single stop that could be pulled out to sell a product was. This suggested that widespread public resistance would mount against their use once the adverse reactions became apparent, that mandates would be necessary to vaccinate the rest of the population, and that those mandates would be justified by the percentage of the population which had already been vaccinated due to falling for the previous PR campaign.

Because of this, I decided to collect some of the most memorable pieces of propaganda, so that once the gross malfeasance that allowed the vaccines to be approved became known, like the previous smoking example, they could serve as a lesson to future generations being targeted by similar predatory business practices.

Trashy Advertisements

Because the government spent at least a billion dollars to promote these vaccines across every media platform, it was inevitable some pretty trashy promotions would occur. One of the most well known examples was from this late night talk show.

Stephen Colbert sadly was not the only late night talk show that created trashy musicals to promote these poisons:

I will admit I am still genuinely confused by this one. I *think* it was trying to play into the scarcity meme that was used to advertise the vaccine for groups not yet eligible for it during the initial rollout.

Many other cringey performances also occurred during the day:

As you would imagine, music videos were also created:

“This ain’t eugenics, uh uh, no way”….The black community was understandably hesitant to vaccinate due to their long history of being forced to participate in unethical human experimentation. Marketers realized this belief needed to be overcome to sell more vaccines, which led to productions like this where the family members of the Tuskegee subjects were brought out to advertise the vaccine:

Clips like these will be important to share once it becomes recognized the vaccines were not appropriately tested for safety or efficacy. It should also be noted that Peter McCullough’s original objection to the vaccines was that there was no group providing oversight for their safety during the rollout, something which remains true to this day, and directly negates the central argument of the above production.

There were also a few more professionally made produced music videos aimed at marketing the vaccines as the miraculous solution to everything we had just been put through.

The entertainment industry did everything they could to promote the vaccines, so not surprisingly, celebrities also got on the bandwagon:

Benefit concerts to help vaccinate the world were also conducted.

Some of the most trashy campaigns (which fortunately raised more concerns about the vaccines than it persuaded to take them) were the vaccine lotteries seen across the country.

Another trashy campaign came from the Mayor of Chicago:

Joints for jabs also briefly became a national phenomena:

Note: Free alcohol was also offered to the vaccinated by multiple companies.

The story above can be found here.

Sleazy Advertising:

Sex sells, so it was not surprising human relationships would be targeted throughout the pandemic.

Health authorities around the world also gave far more ridiculous advice throughout the pandemic regarding social distancing during physical intimacy, that to this day, I am still a bit in disbelief they promoted.

I’m almost sad I never got this message for Valentine’s day.

One of the many of vaccine side effects I’ve repeatedly come across is erectile dysfunction which I believe is a result of the micro-clotting they cause.

This really happened. Others were even more direct:

Vaccination Instead of Health

Years ago, I read a book that argued all successful ideologies must market themselves with messages that were universally persuasive. The two messages that fulfill that criteria are:

•You are special.

•Everything that is wrong with your life is not your fault.

I generally agree with that author’s argument, although as the previous section shows, you can also make the case that a sexual or financial appeal comes close to being a universal persuasion. Everyone I’ve spoken to believes around 90% of the population is susceptible to universal persuasions (the 3-10% that prioritize thinking critically instead want things that make sense and feel genuine).

Note: One of the sad thing I’ve observed with people in medicine, and particularly within public health is that their focus of reality becomes so narrowed that mass vaccination (and similar interventions like water fluoridation) are seen as the sole determinants of health. Because of this, I often see these people continually freaking out over vaccine hesitancy and quite literally losing sleep at night over the small numbers of people who are not vaccinated (this frustration existed long before COVID-19 at a time when far fewer people questioned vaccination).

Throughout COVID-19, vaccinated people were made to feel like they were superior to everyone else, and all personal responsibility (e.g., having a healthy lifestyle) that was known to reduce your risk of COVID-19 was thrown out the window for the belief you could magically solve every problem in your life by having someone else simply give you a vaccine

Peter Hotez recently provided what I believe may be the most widely recognized illustrations of this mentality in history (it was seen by millions of people):

Sadly, Peter is not alone in this regard, and many others share his beliefs. The best example I know of came from the Hawaii’s government:

Note: Keiki is Hawaiian for children.

Sadly, this same ignorance could be seen all the way across the nation:

“I want you to look at this [burger] and think of [it] when you think of vaccination. Yumm…vaccination…I’m getting a very good feeling about vaccination.”

One reader shared that New Zealand used free KFC to promote the vaccines (with the campaign being targeted to the native Maori population):

After I saw this I could not help but be reminded of a previous breast cancer promotion (there was also one done for fracking drill bits):

There was also the infamous Krispy Kreme promotion. I felt it was particularly noteworthy because I believe the only thing all members of the political spectrum were in agreement about COVID-19 was it being more dangerous for obese diabetics.

I was truly amazed at how far the media went to promote this campaign:

I could not believe they actually made heart-shaped donuts to commemorate the vaccines…

Or how ignorant the health care authorities expected us to be about medicine:

Or the immune system:

This was another great excuses for the vaccines failing (which I must note, was known would happen from the start of the campaign).

The FDA’s unscientific advertisements were not limited to vaccines. While working with industry to protect the market for these vaccines, the FDA also made other nonsensical claims like rebranding ivermectin as a horse dewormer:

In the same way industry and government will lie about health to sell their products, it is also very common new diseases will be created out of thin air (this is termed disease branding and sadly is much more common than you might realize, especially in psychiatry). One of the most comical examples I saw was the attempt to create this alleged condition:

A common marketing strategy is to make people want what they can’t have, and I assumed this campaign was aimed at reinforcing that (remember, when the vaccines were rolled out, they were deliberately made only available to certain groups so everyone felt left out until it was their turn).

Targeting Children

Virtually ever cult always targets children because it is well known that if you convert someone at a young age (when they lack the critical thinking to resist common brainwashing tactics) they are converted for life, which is always necessary for the long-term viability of the institution.

These advertisements become quite surreal when you see them be targeted to children (if you have any doubts, read “Elmo’s” tweet about it).

It still amazes me public health officials do not recognize needing boosters means your vaccination program has failed...

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