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“Be sure you are right, and then go ahead”
— Davy Crockett

I’ve said it many times, most Americans are not comfortable with making independent decisions, especially potential life-and-death healthcare decisions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is as if Americans must make a group decision, which gives rise to the term “sheeple” to describe modern-day Americans.  It almost seems as if opposition to experimental vaccination is unamerican.  If only the “sheeple” knew.

Decisions to vaccinate made along political lines

It appears Americans are making momentous decisions to undergo experimental vaccination, that will have a lasting positive or negative effect their lives, largely along political lines rather than cautious analysis with regard to personal safety and effectiveness.

Most of what many Americans hear or read about COVID-19 is pro-vaccine propaganda which slants virtually all of the information, leaving the lay public with a choice to pick the vaccine they would prefer rather than to deal with the question whether they should vaccinate at all, which is what informed consent is all about.

It may come as a surprise to learn that no vaccine is totally safe or effective, especially an experimental RNA or DNA vaccine that uses unproven technology.

At the risk of ruining a night’s sleep and causing high anxiety, what will the many millions of Americans who have already been vaccinated think when they learn the mortality rate for vaccinated individuals is greater than the mortal risk from the virus? (see below)

The decision to vaccinate may follow along family lines

Candidates for vaccination are likely to make their decisions to immunize as a family which may be why vaccination correlates with political party affiliation.

Eight in ten Democrats say they have already gotten at least one dose of the vaccine or will soon do so, but only 55% of Republicans; 1 in 5 Republicans say will “definitely not” get vaccinated, according to a May 6, 2021 survey by the by the Kaiser Family Foundation.  The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports 34% of Americans have not been fully vaccinated as of May 11, 2021.

Many will delegate the decision to inoculate to a physician

Not understanding all of the medical jargon nor other complexities themselves, most people are expected to punt and delegate the decision to vaccinate to their trusted doctor.  Surveys bear this out.  However, it is difficult to find anybody in the field of healthcare who doesn’t have a conflict of interest on this issue.

News media censorship

News media censorship is another factor, making it difficult for independent-minded parties to properly assess the pros and cons of vaccination.  If the COVID-19 vaccines were all that they are advertised to be, no censorship would be necessary.

The very idea of pressing for universal vaccination using vaccines that are experimental, and for which there is incomplete data on side effects, should cause vaccine candidates to delay their decision till more data is available.  Especially since all the lab animals given RNA vaccines against coronaviruses succumbed to vaccine-induced side effects.  The pressure by government health authorities and the news media to hurriedly vaccinate suggests some other agenda.

One of the hidden factors that could be causing health agencies to pressure patients to vaccinate could be the upcoming data on the BCG tuberculosis vaccine which in population studies has been shown to drastically reduce risk for COVID-19 infection.  The first of many BCG vaccine studies is due to be reported in July of 2021.  Will a vaccine that has been around since 1921 upstage the new RNA-DNA vaccines?

COVID-19 Is Not Ten Times More Fatal Than The Flu

Probably the most misleading claim is that the COVID-19 coronavirus is 10 times more deadly than the seasonal flu.

Google reports 600,000 COVID-19 related deaths among 33.4 million positive tests, of which at least 40% of cases were false positives (June 11, 2021 data).  Deduct that 40% and you have ~20 million cases and 360,000 deaths over a 1.5- year period, or ~1.8% mortality rate or 18 per 1000, which is misleading.

The director of the Institute for Infectious Diseases, Dr. “trust the science” Fauci, quoted this number in Congress and said COVID-19 results in at least 10-times greater lethality than the seasonal flu.

Let’s recalculate.  Flu deaths are ~0.1% (1 in 1000).  But the estimated 360,000 deaths when divided by the US population of 328,000,000 is 1/10th of one-percent, about the same mortality rate as the flu.

In Denmark, a country where the notoriously inaccurate PCR test was not relied upon, but blood serum tests were, the death rate for COVID-19 was only 0.16% (1.5 in 1000, not even 1%), about the same as the flu.

False advertising: COVID-19 vaccines are not 95% effective against COVID-19

Here is what Americans are told: In a clinical trial involving 30,000 subjects, Moderna’s RNA 2-shot vaccine resulted in 11 cases of infection versus 185 in the placebo group.  That sounds very convincing.  But understand, among 30,000 study participants, 29,804 people had to be needlessly subjected to an experimental vaccine to achieve those numbers.  Only 0.0065% (6.5 per 1000) were infected with COVID-19 using the notoriously inaccurate PCR test + 1 symptom to confirm infection.  The so-called number-needed-to-treat was 153 to prevent 1 case of the flu.  Compare this with the fact 99.6% of unvaccinated subjects recovered from the flu on their own at home.

The statistical difference between Moderna at 0.00073% infection rate and placebo at 0.00123% is just 0.0005% in hard numbers (5 out of 10,000 difference), not even 1% better than placebo, and not the advertised 0.95% effectiveness.

Furthermore, vaccine trials cannot possibly indicate whether these injections save lives.  That is because mortality is not being measured. None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome, including hospitalization or death.

“Hospitalizations and deaths are just too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30,000 people,” says Peter Doshi, associate editor of the British Medical Journal.

But vaccination is causing infections rates to dive, right?  Wrong.

Based on vaccine adoption numbers, apparently Americans obviously don’t feel they have been misled, even after the CDC stopped reporting how many vaccinated individuals experienced mild or asymptomatic cases on its website and only reports those breakthrough cases that resulted in hospitalization or death.

For inexplicable reasons most Americans opting for immunization don’t feel misled by the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test that early-on used a different threshold to inaccurately produce seemingly high infection rates.  The threshold was then lowered (from as high as 35 to 28 doubling cycles), which was changed downward as more Americans were immunized to falsely make it appear vaccines were having an impact on infection rates.  The public was none the wiser.

A requirement that PCR tests not exceed 28 doublings would have precluded 90% of the cases from being reported as positive.  The World Health Organization denies it raised the bar for infection.  True.  But the CDC did.  In fact, the PCR test is known to cause pseudo-pandemics.  That is why COVID-19 is guaranteed to never end.  There will be no return to normal.

Absurd denial RNA-DNA COVID-19 Vaccines are experimental

The denial that COVID-19 vaccines are “experimental gene therapy” is also bogus.  For example, RNA vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer) by definition utilize RNA to provoke antigens (a toxin that provokes the human immune system to respond) for long-term immunity.  According to a recent report, it is possible RNA can be re-written into DNA!

It is said that RNA degrades after it does its job.  Specific antibodies against COVID-19 are then armed to kill off future exposure to COVID-19.

But one thing that has been learned in this pandemic is that antibodies don’t last forever.  It is memory T-cells, made in the thymus gland, that provide life-long immunity.  Antibodies and T-cells remain substantial up to 6 months following infection, though there is a decline.

Virologists believe many people infected with COVID-19 “will probably produce antibodies against this virus for most of their lives,” antibodies being produced from the bone marrow for long-term immunity.  However, booster shots will be needed to deal with genetic variants, just like trivalent annual flu shots with three strains of influenza are administered annually (though flu shots often don’t address the flu strain in circulation in any given flu season and are often ineffective).

According to the CDC, except for immune compromised patients, replication-competent COVID-19 coronavirus particles are not found among infected patients 10 days following symptom onset.  Exposure to viral variants may induce re-infection, which minimizes the long-term effectiveness of vaccination, which is why CDC recommends continued social distancing and face masks.

However, the idea of locking down the country or practicing continued infection control measures is needlessly silly, even draconian, given that COVID-19 doesn’t cause any more death than the flu.

Don’t presume vaccination is needed to achieve long-term immunity.  Conclusive studies show natural immunity (without vaccination) produces long-term immunity.  Vaccination is not necessary.  The human immune system is making vaccines look good.  Researchers have found 70% of uninfected individuals already have coronavirus-specific killer T-cells!

Importance of zinc over vaccination

Of interest is that most high-risk groups for infection are at the same time found to be zinc deficient.  T-cells rely on zinc to be produced in the thymus gland.  A national policy of encouraging zinc adequacy is needed.  Zinc is sparse in foods except for oysters.  Across the board zinc supplementation would probably be more effective than universal vaccination.  Given that 50% of the patients who died of COVID-19 had bacterial or fungal co-infections, zinc would be even more efficacious.  Zinc-deficient COVID-19 patients develop more complications (70.4% vs 30.0%). Zinc also inhibits the abnormal clumping of red blood cells that is a major cause of death among COVID-19 patients.

Properly-dosed zinc lozenges are preferred during active infection over zinc tablets.  In one study, symptoms among zinc-treated patients began to improve after 1.6 days whereas non-zinc-treated patients began improving after 10 days.  Shortness of breath was not seen 7 days after zinc lozenges.

Vaccines ARE experimental

That the news media currently pans current COVID-19 vaccines as not being experimental is totally fallacious.  The very application to FDA to proceed with vaccination was based upon emergency clearance for the use of new unproven vaccine technology that has never been widely tested on humans before.  Emergency use vaccines are by definition experimental.  Without inflated mortality numbers emergency use would have never been granted.  Informed consent is required for vaccination but is being waived, which is required for all vaccines regardless of their experimental status.

What is the risk for dying from COVID-19 versus dying from the vaccine?

For Americans under age 50 the chances of dying from serious side effects induced by the vaccine are worse than dying from COVID-19 itself.

Source: Free Nations June 7, 2021

Unprecedented vaccine-related deaths mounting

How many Americans have heard that 1,750 vaccine-related deaths occurred in the first 3 months of 2021 which has now jumped to 5,997 deaths in early June, an unprecedented number in the history of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).  There is a backlog of reports at VAERS and these numbers will continue to skyrocket upwards.

Will current vaccines protect against new gene variants of COVID-19?

Americans are being urged to vaccinate because a viral variant that is sweeping through India is expected to reach the US within a week, but that gene variant that produced 42 fatalities occurred in 30% of those who had been vaccinated!

Ivermectin to the rescue (but not in the USA)

In the MODERNA trial mentioned above, 196 participants succumbed to COVID-19 infection out of 30,000 subjects; 185 in the placebo group and only 11 in the Moderna group.

If the 196 cases of infection were successfully treated with medicine, this would be advantageous over problematic vaccines.

Hence, an effort to censor the fact an antiparasitic drug, Ivermectin, has been successfully used to quell an out-of-control pandemic in Chapas, Mexico when vaccination failed (see graphic below).  Yet scientists complain Ivermectin is ruining their vaccine trials.

Here is what happened when Ivermectin was introduced in Slovakia

The most vulnerable should wait

The decision to be immunized against the mutated COVID-19 coronavirus also follows typical innovator, early adaptor, late adapter, laggard adoption periods.  The group most vulnerable to vaccine side effects or ineffective inoculation, the elderly, Black Americans, and those with autoimmune diseases and organ transplants, were urged to vaccinate first when they should have been the last to do so.  Furthermore, why would the entire military be coerced to vaccinate before knowing long-term effects?

Lied to

Most Americans are being spoon-fed false assurances the vaccines are safe and effective before long-term data is available.  Some of the information potential vaccinees are using to make decisions is patently misleading or false on its face.  Yet when confronted with this misinformation, at this point Americans apparently don’t feel they have been lied to or misled, as they just need some way to overcome their fears and anxiety.

What was the respiratory disease outbreak in the US in late 2019?

China is asking the US to explain what the respiratory disease outbreak was that occurred in the US in late 2019 before the COVID-19 virus was reported in the news media? Patient No. 1 may have been in Toledo, Ohio in 2018 and was linked with the use of e-cigarettes and vaping.

American author Nathan Rich, reporting from China, asks why a mysterious lung syndrome in the US, linked with vaping, that had the same symptoms as COVID-19, suddenly vanished the moment COVID-19 cases were reported in the US.  Too many smoking guns.  Where there is smoke there is fire.

Guinea pigs for the slaughter: making money off your death

There is plenty of online evidence the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, OK’d gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China (in 2012 he even bragged it was worth the risk even if it did increase the risk for a pandemic.  In 2017 Dr. Fauci threatened the US was going to face a future infectious disease outbreak if Congress didn’t adequately fund his institute.

Profiteering off your dead body

And now for the final rub.  Somebody is already betting on your death.  Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, noted for his “gain-of-function research involving coronaviruses, lectures an audience in 2018 on how to profit off of investments from the coming pandemic, and that a vaccine can be purchased ahead of the outbreak to protect yourself against the upcoming catastrophic infection.

Hey you sheeple, this guy is talking about slaughtering the herd and making money off of YOU.  He is the wolf.  You are the sheeple.  How good do you feel about vaccination now?

If COVID-19 coronavirus is such a deadly threat, why haven’t 130 countries even administered a single vaccine over the year of the pandemic?

In fact, 99.6% of Americans under age 50 recovered from COVID-19 infection on their own and 60% have antibodies against this mutated virus without vaccination.

Anti-vaxxers believe in myths.  Sure they do.

Among the refusers, the survey indicates they are likely to believe at least one vaccine myth (which are not myths at all).  Vaccination of children inexplicably aligns with parents’ own vaccination intentions, even though their children are at almost zero risk for death from the virus.

Those who hesitate to vaccinate are more likely to believe vaccines may change your DNA (actually, they may).

Before long-term data is available and with cloaking of the safety data, this vaccine is being deemed to be safe and effective, which it is not.  In fact, prior to the availability of these vaccines, federal health advisors assumed four coronavirus vaccine trials will fail.

Don’t be gullible (or should I say don’t be “cullable).  In a report I wrote recently I pointed out that Medicare is relying on 362,000 COVID-19-related deaths among Medicare patients to balance its budget.

What are vaccinated Americans to do?

In regard to advice for relatives who are considering experimental vaccination, it gets a bit complicated because there are different mutations of the virus, and different vaccines, and unreliable tests.  And there is a pseudo-virus that produces the same symptoms of the virus.  Regardless of how one looks at it, there is no good reason to get vaccinated (period)!  Ivermectin (available online) and zinc lozenges would be preferred.

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