January 05, 2023 from Bill Rice Jr.'s Newsletter
Say what you want about President Nixon, but nobody died in Watergate.

I was just a kid, but I’m old enough to remember Watergate. As I grew older, I learned more  specific details about this historic event. Here’s my Watergate take-away, which I think is the accepted “narrative” on this historic event:

Watergate was the biggest political scandal of the century. The fallout or denouement caused President Nixon to resign from office and sent several “conspirators” to prison. 

It also made Woodward and Bernstein the most famous journalists of all time. 

Few people had heard of these journalists when they began compiling relevant facts about the original Watergate crime and obligatory cover-up, but this changed over the span of about two years.

Based in part on these two journalists doing their job, Congressional officials decided to also do their jobs and before you knew it, most of the sordid story was known to the world. 

Woodward and Bernstein, who were already minor celebrities, really cashed in with the publication of their best-selling book All the President’s Men, which was adapted into an Academy Award-winning movie starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, two of the biggest stars of our era.

After filling their mantles with every journalism prize, The Post scribes parlayed this fame and success into a lifetime of speaking gigs. By “breaking” the Watergate scandal, they also acquired the panache that allowed them to play leading roles in future investigations that resulted in even more best-selling books.

Today, the names of both journalists are literally in the history books, where their journalistic accomplishments will live forever. 

Every ambitious journalist who followed wanted to be the next Woodward and Bernstein and break some huge scandal that might elevate them onto a similar professional pedestal. 

The employer of Woodward and Bernstein, The Washington Post, built most of its reputation on the fact it was the newspaper that did more than any other to expose Watergate.

So … It pays handsomely - directly and indirectly with benefits that will last a lifetime - to be the journalists or news organization that breaks the “scandal of the century.”

Which leads to THE question of today’s article:

Given all of the above, why doesn’t any journalist, editor or publisher want to be the next Woodward and Bernstein when it comes to Covid scandals? 

Trust me here. The Covid scandals that could be exposed by an enterprising journalist(s) are vastly larger and more important than those involving Watergate.

To cite one difference … nobody died in Watergate.

In way of comparison, the disease Covid - as well as all the calamitous responses to Covid - must have killed and injured 10, 20, 50 million (a billion?) people by now. And these casualty figures are still growing.

Nor did Watergate cripple the economy nor lead to rampant inflation. 

Nor did it lead to mass censorship and the evisceration of civil liberties. 

Also, the Watergate conspiracies and cover-ups included only a small group of  Nixon loyalists in the White House, plus a few people who actually did the “dirty tricks.”

It takes no Woodward and Bernstein for the Man on the Street to realize that Covid crimes and cover-ups must have involved practically every agency in government by now. 

NIH, NIAID, CDC, FDA, the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the White House, the Department of Homeland Defense, Congress, the Justice Department, the courts , judges, governors, mayors, OSHA, the Departments of Transportation, Commerce, Labor, HHS … local police departments, all the state and local health agencies, colleges, school boards … almost all of these agencies went “all in” on the bogus Covid narratives and requisite cover-ups.

Then we have all of the private sector cronies and conspirators. 

In Watergate, at least that I am aware of, Big Pharma was not implicated. With Watergate, none of the world’s major corporations signed onto the program. 

With Covid, as far as I can tell,  every big company endorsed the CDC’s policy guidebook and did their patriotic best to make sure the conspiracy went off without a hitch. 

When you stop and think about it, there’s no way a “Woodward and Bernstein” could tell the story of the Covid Scandal. There’s simply too many scandals that would have to be exposed. It would take an army of Woodward and Berstein’s to break the pieces down into individual, sub-scandal components. 

Still, the journalists who provided the public with a few key answers to what really happened and why, journalists who told the world the names of the people who committed the biggest crimes and cover-ups, would surely go down in history as the most important journalists of world history. 

That is, Woodward and Bernstein would have to move down to second place. 

Which isn’t their fault. It’s just that, compared to Covid, Watergate seems like a scandal to fix a few parking tickets. 

But, still, not ONE mainstream media journalist nor one mainstream media news organization has shown any interest in exposing any parts of the the scandal of all time. 

How does one explain such a surreal reality? 

If saving lives and exposing corrupt (I’d say evil) officials doesn’t motivate today’s journalists, one would think that the All-American values of wanting to become rich and famous would get the adrenalin of a few Cracker Jack journalists flowing.

But, no. 

As it turns out, nobody wants to be the next Woodward and Bernstein. Nobody cares about earning that spot in the history books and making their children and grandchildren proud. (“My Dad scored four touchdowns in a high school football game.”  “… Well, my Dad broke the Covid scandal …”)

Why doesn’t any journalist want to expose the real truth about the myriad Covid scandals? 

The answer to this puzzler seems pretty obvious to me. The watchdog press must be a part of the conspiracy. The conspiracy must be that vast. This is the only possible answer I can come up with.

The reason Woodward and Bernstein were able to tell the the world that Nixon’s White House was full of crooks is because the Washington Post wasn’t part of that conspiracy.

In fact, the journalists and their employer were part of a massive group effort involving hundreds of news organizations that were working around the clock, trying to expose the crimes and cover-ups.

When you realize this, you realize that Nixon and his team never had a chance of getting away with it. 

But skip forward 50 years to Covid times and we see that the scales of journalism have completely flipped.  


The key to the modern-day scandal is …

Of course everyone will get away with their miscellaneous crimes and misdemeanors because nobody who could expose the crooks is trying to do this. 

The lesson here is a big one: If you want to get away with “crimes against humanity,” you better make sure you’ve fully captured the watchdog press. (Even Woodward and Bernstein, who are still alive and cranking out stories, don’t care about no Covid scandals.)

How the Bad Guys were able to capture and control approximately 40,000 mainstream journalists would itself be one heck of a story.

But who’s going to tell that story?

Don’t laugh, but I guess it will end up being someone like me.

In the past, I would never have considered that some small-time freelance journalist could break some big, historic scoop. I mean, I can’t even get one government official to return my calls or emails (“Dr. Fauci, Bill Rice, Jr. on the phone …”)

Nor do I have a partner like Woodward helping me with any digging.

But, I’ll say this:  I’m not like today’s other 40,000 mainstream journalists. Becoming rich and famous wouldn’t bother me.  If I could save a few lives and help put a few diabolical crooks into prison, this would check my “I did something meaningful with my life” box.

Plus, I’ve had this thought: Nobody else is really on the case. Even today, Woodward and Bernstein - with some research help from some of the Washington Post’s army of interns - could expose some of these scandals in three weeks … if they tried. 

But we all know these guys are sitting this scandal out. 

Breaking this scandal would make them even richer and more famous, but it would also prove all the conspiracy “kooks” were right all along. The embarrassment and professional stigma would be too great for them to bear. The mean tweets from former colleagues (“why did you go and do that? You’re not in our club anymore!”) wouldn’t be worth the cost.

As it turns out, for reasons that boggle the mind, the amateurs on Substack have been granted complete monopoly rights to investigate the Story of All Time. 

What the heck. If the Big Leaguers don’t want play, I say, “Put me in, Coach …” 

Anyway, if anyone reading this happens to be a potential whistleblower with information that would tell your fellow citizens what really took place with Covid, please contact me via this Substack site.

I also know this. In 2023, Covid’s version of Deep Throat would be wasting his breath to call anyone at The Washington Post. But every real journalist at Substack would take that call and run with it. 

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