November 09, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

The consequences to the doctors who spoke out, provided informed consent and treated their patients in accordance with medical ethics, have not gone away. Both in New Zealand and overseas, doctors continue to be persecuted by medical councils and boards, with renowned doctors being stripped of their medical credentials. Why do doctors speak up despite these ongoing threats – to livelihood, prestige and career?

We look at the potential consequences for doctors, individuals and the country, discuss the narrative and explore actions we can take.

This is Why Doctors Speak Up

Doctors speak up at their own detriment because truth, ethics and common decency are values that were instrumental in them becoming doctors. Doctors speak up because their values are those of healing – individuals, communities and the world.

Conscientious doctors saw the looming disaster of the covid narrative and tried to find a way through the noise and the fear. They were denigrated, named conspiracy theorists, granny-killers and anti-vaxxers. But they were right.

There are many reasons why individuals choose medicine. Actively doing harm would rarely be one of them. In considering the hierarchy of values, we like to believe that doctors put their patients first, well before prestige and income. Whatever forces combined to thwart these values in so many calling themselves doctors? Many are simply too young and malleable to have stood a chance, while others are mature enough to know better but appear to have sold their souls to become nothing more than prostitutes for the pharmaceutical industry.

Real doctors speak up, and it is never too late to become one.

What Else Are These Doctors Right About?

If those doctors who spoke out after looking at the evidence, using common sense and clinical acumen were right about covid, perhaps their voices need to be considered in regard to other narratives, now considered conspiracy theories.

  • Is 5g going to make our lives easier or cause long-term damage to people and planet?
  • What about other vaccines? Might they lack adequate data too?
  • Are we going to be controlled by a central bank digital currency (CBDC) or will it just make it easier for us to do our shopping?
  • Does human activity really affect the climate or is chemical pollution by multinational corporations more of a problem?
  • Is the pharmaceutical industry the leading cause of death in the US?

When Doctors Who Speak Up Are Threatened, So Are You

Despite all the evidence above, the doctors who spoke out and continue to do so, are being threatened and with that the health of New Zealanders and individuals and communities across the globe.

California has enacted a law stopping all doctors from disagreeing with the official narrative; Dr Jackie Stone faced jail for treating patients using early treatment protocols; in Queensland legislation has been passed that refocuses the guiding principles of medicine to prioritise public confidence in the health system rather than individual health. Also in Australia, the government is considering registering all health health care practitioners, including naturopaths and natural health practitioners ensuring that they comply with the draconian covid (and any new) narratives; the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), seemingly involved with a private US corporation, is currently investigating and attempting to gag at least twenty doctors who have spoken out for patients, some publicly and some privately.

Is this what we want for New Zealand? Medical tyranny? The government in the consultation room? Or do you want doctors you can trust?

The Covid Narrative & The Truth

Thanks to this Letter to Liberals, you can dig down into over 300 references. The evidence exploring the narrative is summarised in red.

Did Covid Vaccines Really Save Millions and End the Pandemic?

Firstly we remain concerned about using the word vaccine for this gene technology, but accept this particular marketing sleight of hand has been won by the drug industry – for now.

It is not surprising that governments, media and those that trumpeted the vaccines as being our way back to normal, are saying that the vaccines have saved millions of lives. Is this really the case? Or are these vaccine proponents – seeing the significant resistance from the public that has pressurised governments into rolling back the covid measures – trying desperately to retain the message that the vaccines saved us.

The countries with the highest vaccination rates, also had the highest covid cases and deaths. Furthermore, the covid injections are now seen to increase the incidence not only of covid illness but also of covid deaths. This possibility was explained very early in the vaccine rollout by immunologist and vaccinologists as ” pathogenic priming”. Why did these doctors speak up to their own detriment? They knew from the start that these injections would do more harm than good.

Are Ivermectin, Hydroxycholorquine and Natural Treatments Useless and Dangerous?

Many Western countries quickly moved to quash the use of repurposed treatments and natural therapies for the treatment of covid, deriding, persecuting and cancelling doctors who were trying everything to treat sick patients. Headlines suggested that these treatments were harmful.

Ivermectin and Hydroxycholorquine have been proven effective and genuinely safe in the treatment of covid in over 100 peer-reviewed studies. These drugs have been used safely for decades (and are approved by Medsafe), including against other corona viruses, as have natural treatments such as Vitamin D, Zinc and N Acetyl-cysteine (NAC). Was big pharma involved in the silencing of doctors who spoke out so that their injections could be authorised? Our investigations tell us this is highly likely.

Did Covid Vaccines Prevent the Spread of the Covid and End the Pandemic?

The global population was told to get injected not just for the safety of the individual but also to protect others by preventing the spread (transmission) of the Sars-CoV2 virus. Those questioning the injections were labelled “granny killers”. This message was spread by many medical “experts” and politicians.

NZDSOS knew from the start that the original Pfizer trial, on which the authorisation of the covid injection was based, did not study transmission. Studies early in the pandemic raised questions as to the efficacy of the shots. This has since been confirmed in further studies and in real world data. This indicates that the injection may protect the individual who has taken it for a few months against getting covid. However, after about six months, that individual is more likely to get covid, a phenomenon known as negative efficacy. This is due to the way the covid jab interacts with the immune system.

Doctors speak up because the injections don’t stop the spread of covid and individuals are more likely to get covid if they are injected.

Did the Covid Vaccines Lower Hospitalisation or Severe Disease?

As the “experts” started to realise that the vaccinated were getting and spreading covid, they subtly changed the narrative to suggest that the injections lowered the risk of severe covid illness, hospitalisation and death. Doctors who say that ICUs were filling up with the unvaccinated were providing anecdotal evidence which does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Both clinical studies and real world data demonstrate the truth – the exact opposite is happening. The injected are getting sicker, filling up the hospitals and dying at a rate that is higher than the unvaccinated. To say otherwise is an out and out lie.

Deliberate miscategorisation of exactly who was vaccinated and unvaccinated provided false data. Bottom line? First jab should instantly equal ‘vaccinated’. This happened in many countries, flipping the stats to appear to favour those who only became magically vaccinated at 2 weeks after their first (or even second) jab! 

Doctors speak up because individuals are being harmed.

Are Vaccine Side Effects a Myth?

The proponents of vaccination keep saying that reported side-effects are co-incidental, that they cannot be due to the injections.

There are so many reports and indeed clinical studies of side-effects of the vaccine, ranging from yes, a sore arm, to ongoing disability (such that people can no longer work or take care of themselves, are in severe pain, cannot undertake basic the functions of living etc) to actual death – that these cannot be said to be coincidental. Furthermore given that these injections are still part of an ongoing clinical trial, every new medical condition, illness or death MUST be reported and investigated, not ignored. We have posted simply too much on this to list it all here. Doctors speak up not just because they know about the Nuremberg Code, but because it is the right thing to do.

Are the Effects of Covid Worse than the Side-Effects of the Vaccines?

And so the narrative changed yet again. Even if the vaccines don’t prevent the spread and may be harmful, getting covid is much worse.

This argument makes no sense if the chances of a ‘vaccinated’ individual getting covid are higher. However, even if the shots decreased the risk of getting covid, the injuries such as myocarditis, heart attacks, neurological harms, autoimmune disease, effects on the reproductive system, fatigue (often misnamed long covid) are much higher in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated who get covid. The same goes for deaths. Significant increases in death rates across all ages, but especially the under 40s has been seen since the roll-out of the vaccine. Doctors speak up because they took the Hippocratic Oath and it is the right thing to do.

Natural Immunity vs Vaccine Immunity

Experts, employers and governments continue to demand that individuals are vaccinated even if they have recovered from covid.

Doctors speak up because, there are effective treatments for covid and even without these the vast majority of people who get covid will recover, meaning they will be able to fight of the next exposure to covid, whatever the variant. Doctors speak up because contrary to robust natural immunity, it is clear that the vaccines provide, at best, fleeting immunity which degrades to an increased risk of disease. Natural immunity has always been superior to vaccine-induce immunity. This is now borne out for covid in clinical studies. Even the CDC now states that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity.

How could anyone be so bold as to state categorically that man-made immunity would produce superior results to natural immunity? Did someone play God? It is now clear that if they did, they lost.

What Being Kind Did to the World

We were told to lockdown to be kind, to prevent the spread of covid and to prevent overwhelming the hospitals. Governments “kindly” handed out money to businesses and individuals. But where did this leave the world?

Increasing evidence indicates that lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of covid. Instead they cost the world $16 trillion. Economists suggest that up to 60% of the decline in economic activity is due to lockdowns (not covid). Millions of people in poor countries face starvation. The rates of suicide and mental health problems sky-rocketed, children’s learning may have been irreparably damaged. The poor got poorer, the middle-class shrunk while the mega-rich became the ultra-rich, without any change to the outcome of covid. Doctors speak up as locking up healthy people was never done before and has caused harm to millions. Doctors speak up as locking up healthy people is an act of tyranny.

Is Censorship Justified Because We Are in a Dangerous Situation?

Most of the global news organisations, along with social media joined the Trusted New Initiative, pledging to censor all reports and posts that even questioned the mainstream narrative. The pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates and the Health and Humans Services (US equivalent of Ministry of Health) appear to be providing large amounts of funding for these organisations.

Doctors speak up because if science, or anything else for that matter, cannot be questioned, we live in a dictatorship. Doctors speak up because a community in a dictatorship can never provide health – to individuals or to the population.

What You Can Do

Authorities, governments, media and celebrities will tell you covid is lessening (the pandemic is waning), hence the restrictions can be dropped. Given the, at best, huge ineptitude and at worst, outright deception, would you really believe them? Do you think they give up power and prestige that easily or might there be more planned?

Support our work. Repost our articles. Submit a Truth post. Join our Ivermectin Advocacy group.  Talk to your friends.  Talk to your doctor.

Please write to the Ministry of Health, the MCNZ and your local MPs and/or candidates. Ask that the investigation of all doctors for speaking against the narrative, questioning or prescribing or importing Ivermectin are immediately dropped, and suspensions and conditions on practice are reversed.

You can also write directly to the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP)about their guidance on the use of Ivermectin.

Once medical freedom goes, the other dominoes will tumble all too easily, and society’s lights go out.

Take action for yourself, your children, your country and your future. Take action for medical freedom.

Use our form to write directly to the Medical Council – for the freedom of doctors to be doctors and patients to receive real medical care. Please add our own personal message to this email. Once you hit the green button at the end, it will immediately be emailed directly to the MCNZ. Replies will be received to your email, so please check your junk mail.

The form can be filled in the actual website url.

Use our form to write directly to the RNZCGP about Ivermectin. Please add our own personal message to this email. Once you hit the green button at the end, it will immediately be emailed directly to the RNZCGP. Replies will be received to your email, so please check your junk mail.

The form can be filled in the actual website url.
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