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Executive summary

V-safe is a voluntary safety monitoring program put in place by the CDC to monitor adverse reactions after people take a vaccine. The v-safe data shows that 33.1% of the people who got the vaccine suffered from a significant adverse event and 7.7% had to seek professional medical care. These are extraordinary numbers. They clearly show the vaccines are unsafe, that the CDC deliberately hid this information from the American public, and that the drug companies falsified the data in the trials.

But now, thanks to the efforts of an extraordinary attorney, Aaron Siri, the numbers are available to the public for the first time.

This data clearly shows that the CDC is not protecting the American people. They are protecting the manufacturers of the vaccines.

The mainstream media is ignoring this story. So is the mainstream medical community. None of them want the American people to know the truth about how unsafe these vaccines are.

About v-safe

V-safe is a voluntary monitoring system put in place by the CDC to monitor adverse events after vaccination.

When you get a COVID vaccine, you get a card to enroll in the v-safe program. Everyone is encouraged to enroll to let the CDC know how safe (or not) the vaccine is.

Slightly over 10M people chose to participate in the program for the COVID vaccines.

V-safe then reaches out to you on a regular basis to see how things are going.

If you report a serious adverse event, you get a phone call from a CDC contractor encouraging you to file a VAERS report. I know this because when I reported my insulin requirements shot up after the vaccine to unprecedented levels, I got one of these calls.

Unlike the VAERS system, the v-safe data is almost “fully reported” because people sign up at the time they are vaccinated BEFORE they have any symptoms. Thus, we know that the denominator is 10.1M. It is not fully reported because even after people sign up, many people will ignore the subsequent v-safe requests to enter their information. Therefore, the percentages reported in v-safe could under-estimate the severity of any problem.

However, you can sign up to v-safe after you have an issue as well. Some people do that. I got a v-safe flyer at the time of my vaccination. Many people will take action on this or not at that time. Some people might keep it around and then, if they have an incident, may be more motivated to fill it out. This could over-estimate the rate of adverse events. A properly designed system would note the people who signed up after they experienced a side effect.

Whether the rates in v-safe is over-reported or under-reported is a red herring: the issue that should concern everyone is the CDC concealed all the v-safe data from everyone the entire time.

The events recorded in v-safe are also very generic, with only a few predefined categories.

Death is not a reportable category in v-safe. This is because dead people can’t use their phones anymore. That is why there are no deaths.

The CDC stopped pushing this system around May 2021 after it became crystal clear that it was accumulating data that showed the vaccines were unsafe.

V-safe and VAERS vs. Israeli safety monitoring

Both of the US safety monitoring programs (v-safe and VAERS) are not nearly as comprehensive as the monitoring system that the Israeli government put in place in Israel a year after the vaccination program started. The Israeli system monitored far more adverse events and proved the vaccines actually caused serious adverse events that never resolved and were not acknowledged by the drug companies.

Like the CDC did with v-safe, the Israeli government hid all of that safety data from the Israeli people until someone leaked a video of the Israeli officials discussing how disturbing the safety data was. The press (other than Neil Oliver on GB News) refused to cover the story. There was no investigation as to why this important safety data was kept secret and nobody in Israel is calling for an investigation either. They don’t want to know because it would make them look bad for pushing the vaccines on everyone.

The v-safe data has been kept hidden from everyone

The CDC has never released the v-safe data they collected to the American public or anyone else for that matter.

All requests for the data have been ignored by the CDC.

It is never summarized for the American people. Ever.

The v-safe data is never talked about in any of the meetings of the ACIP committee (ACIP the CDC outside safety committee on vaccines) or the VRBPAC

In fact, none of the ACIP committee members has ever asked about this data because they don’t want to know how safe the vaccines are. It’s the same reason that none of them want to see the safety data collected by the Israeli government that shows the vaccines are unsafe. I know this because I’ve emailed members of both the CDC and FDA outside committee members offering to show them this data (which is currently available only via special arrangement), and none of them wanted to see it. I emailed them on Sept 9 and again on Sept 13, 2022, subject line: “Do you want to see the safety data that was concealed by the Israeli Ministry of Health?” There were no replies. I just checked again.

All of the FDA and CDC outside committee members know that their job is to give the appearance of impartial outside oversight. They all know if they asked probing questions that they would be kicked off the committee. So nobody asks. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is their modus operandi.

The effort to get the v-safe data

Have you ever wondered why the CDC never revealed any of the v-safe data to the American public?

If the vaccines are as safe as they claimed, why has the CDC kept this safety information a secret? Why not reveal it and eliminate vaccine hesitancy?

The short answer is because the data is devastating. That’s why they hid it.

Fortunately for us, we have Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri. Del Bigtree is an American hero and host of The Highwire. Among other things, Del funds the efforts of intrepid lawyer Aaron Siri. Siri is like a dog on a bone on projects to unearth the truth. He will not be stopped. He’s a hero.

Watch this video clip from Fox News which highlights that it took two lawsuits and 463 days after the first request before the CDC was forced to release the v-safe data which showed that 7.7% had to seek medical care after vaccination. 25% missed work, school, or had bad reactions to the vaccine.

Let me repeat that. After this critical safety data was legally requested, the CDC spent 463 days stonewalling attorney Aaron Siri in his efforts to obtain the data and make it public. Why would they do that? This is key safety data that the American people have a right to know since many Americans (including kids) are being forced to get the shot. How does stonewalling this request keep America safe?

Why the CDC said it took so long to release the data

Del Bigtree said one of the reasons the CDC claimed it couldn't release the data was because the CDC didn't have enough resources to write the program to display the data.

Really? It only took The Highwire around a day to write software to display the data and they have a tiny fraction of the resources of the CDC.

Something doesn’t sound right to me…

Also, it doesn’t explain why they opposed the release of data in court.

What the data showed

Here’s what the data they got from the CDC shows (see the captions):

33.1% of the 10.1M people who participated in the v-safe monitoring program experienced significant adverse health impacts
7.7% of the 10.1M users who voluntarily participated in the US government v-safe program had to seek medical care after the COVID vaccine. That is unprecedented. This is why the CDC has been hiding this data from the American public.

Those are unacceptably high numbers and the CDC knew that. That is precisely why they stonewalled attorney Aaron Siri for so long to keep the data under wraps. They were hoping to win and not produce the data at all.

Think about it… if the data showed the vaccines were safe, why would the CDC not release any summary data at all for v-safe?

Do you think that inspires trust that they hid the data showing the vaccines were so harmful?

See this press release for more detail or you can view the data yourself here just like I did.

If this doesn’t completely shatter your trust in the CDC, please read this article on how the CDC ignored (and continues to ignore) the most important safety signal in history: the death signal from the COVID vaccines.

Response from the CDC about this article: crickets

I just left a voicemail for Martha Sharan at the CDC to explain:

  1. Why did the CDC stonewall Aaron Siri for 463 days before releasing the data?

  2. Why didn’t the CDC voluntarily release the data before now?

I don’t expect any response. She never responds to any of my questions. I pointed out to her (yet again) that I don’t want to spread “misinformation” but that by not responding to my inquiry, I will have to assume that the CDC didn’t release the safety information because they didn’t want anyone to know how unsafe the vaccines are.

If she responds, I’ll post her response here. I left her my personal cell phone number and encouraged her to call, just like I always do.

Response from members of Congress

I’ve brought this article to the attention of John Garamendi, Bill Foster, Ro Khanna, Anna Eshoo, and others for comment. I don’t expect to hear from any of them because they don’t want to make the CDC look bad. I’m sure they would be accused of “being anti-science” by their peers if they criticized the CDC for withholding safety data.

I’m still looking for someone other than Senator Ron Johnson to speak up about this.

The creator of v-safe died unexpectedly, just 1 month after his second shot

See Oracle VP Joel Kallman Dies of “Covid” After Receiving Second Vaccine Injection.

His death was reported as a COVID death. This article points out that there was no news that a prominent vaccinated person got COVID.

It would be interesting to see Joel Kallman’s v-safe record or death certificate.


The CDC needs to explain to the American public why they hid the v-safe data for so long, why they refused to voluntarily release it, and why they failed to let the American public know that the COVID vaccines triggered the “death” safety signal.

The mainstream press needs to explain why they aren’t asking these questions and choosing to ignore writing about this.

Members of Congress need to explain to the American people why they are sitting on the sidelines and not calling for an investigation.

The mainstream medical community needs to explain to the American people why they are remaining silent while all this is happening.

Universities need to explain why, in light of these revelations, they are continuing to mandate vaccinations for their students.

Please share this article. Every American needs to know about this.


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