November 10, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

The Offer For a Public Debate Remains in Place

Medicines regulator MedSAFE NZ still says on it’s website:

The protective benefits of vaccination against COVID-19 far outweigh the potential risks of vaccination.

Of course, we still maintain that the vaccine harms are hundreds of times worse than their official figures, including sudden death; that early treatments like ivermectin have positive outcomes for patients at risk of severe covid; that the vaccine offers only risk, with negative efficacy; and that the vaccine travels throughout the body and could cause cancer, reprogram our DNA and harm unborn babies. 

We have been suggesting for over a year that government boffins come debate us and prove us wrong.

Of course they haven’t taken up our offer, proving that “they got nuthin’ ” and that we are right, sadly. Yes, it is sad when people die needlessly, especially children and teens, whose death investigations are then fudged by people who take their salaries from the ‘safe and effective brigade’ calling itself the NZ government. 

Government vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris (HPH) is one of the so-called experts, an official vaccine cheerleader, here to keep us all cosy and nurtured, but she is paid by players more disparate than just the New Zealand tax payer. She has received money from Big Pharma to write about vaccine misinformation, but also receives funding from the WHO and it’s vaccine industry offshoot, GAVI.

Both these feel-good organisations get the bulk of their money, thus so does HPH, from a single funder, Mr Bill Gates, the world’s biggest vaccine investor. Well, when you are so rich you can effectively make your own market, you can buy anything or anyone you want and debate is unnecessary. But you can’t buy the truth. It is not for sale, but you can try to bury it anyway and we wonder if this is HPH’s main obligation to big business.

In the interview that she recorded with independent radio host Sean Plunket on internet station The Platform, she faces some mildly searching questions on myocarditis, following a coroner’s verdict that 26- year old Rory Nairn was killed by his Pfizer vaccine. In our view HPH discloses begrudgingly a couple of half truths, but delivers some serious untruths too. So, upset with the continuing deaths amongst our younger vaccinated citizens, and our offer for an open debate steadfastly ignored, we had to barge in to give our own answers, and dissect hers. 

To summarise, much of what she says is wrong, evasive or deceptive. Evidence is pouring in about heart harms, for instance, confirming what we have seen happening to our vaccinated friends, families and peers. But trickling out is confirmation of how much the government and Dr Petousis-Harris did actually know about the harms. And how could they not? If the public facing side-effect reporting systems round the world were signalling shocking all-time high deaths and injuries, how much worse would their in-house real-time pharmacovigilance show things to be? In the end, we will find out. Soon would be good. 

MedSAFE is plainly worried. They now refuse perfectly lawful OIA requests, and it is looking like the CV-ISMB team just have a chat about a death and play Anything But the Vaccine. The immensity of a life lost needlessly should surely require more diligent enquiry than this. 

Meantime, here we attempt to ‘debate’ the science, in a spirit of helping the host’s listeners get the balance they deserve and obviously want. We say Plunket is right on the nail on many issues around the government’s destructive overeach, here for example, but his closed mind on this one issue, his appeals to authority and ad hominem attacks on reasonable callers do reflect a dwindling viewpoint. However, his wider audience deserve a little journalism, and less of the shock jock megaphone. Sadly, it seems several of the more open-minded presenters on The Platform are now off the air.

Since this interview, more damaging data emerges, even showing that every single recipient may get a degree of heart damage immediately post vaccine. The link to this Swiss study is in the video too, and plenty more. 

We hope you get something out of it.

Watch: The Closest to a Debate We Could Manage So Far

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