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February 01, 2022
... In this paper, we present the evidence that vaccination, unlike natural infection, induces a profound impairment in type I interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health. ..
December 27, 2022
The issue of immune tolerance is very important and troubling if this study is pointing to that due to the COVID gene therapy injection. Are we now facing down a quartet of deranged dysfunctional sequelae post COVID gene injection namely i) viral immune escape, ii) original antigenic sin (immune imprinting, fixation, prejudicing), iii) antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and of disease (ADED) and now iv) immune tolerance?
October 12, 2022
To the editor: More than 2 years into the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, the global population carries heterogeneous immune histories derived from various exposures to infection, viral variants, and vaccination.1  Evidence at the level of binding an
February 15, 2022
The protection people experience after recovering from COVID-19, known widely as natural immunity, lasts for at least 18 months, according to a recently published study. Click title above to read the full article
January 25, 2022
"The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing" pubilshed by The Lancet Regional Health
April 13, 2021
Newly emerging viruses, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome CoVs (MERS-CoV), and H7N9, cause fatal acute lung injury (ALI) by driving hypercytokinemia and aggressive inflammation through mechanisms that remain elusive.
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